educator of the year

Educator of the year The person I choose for my educator of the year is coach groves.

I choose him because out of all my coaches that I’ve had over the years he was the best one. And I was friends with his son in fourth grade and he was starting football at St. Mary’s. And he wanted me to play with him and I thought about it and his parents started to talk to my parents about it. PJ and his dad always encouraged me to play and finally said yea ill play.

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PJ told me how his dad was coaching and how his dad wanted me to play. His dad said I would be good at the game and I believed him. I always played with my brother and our friends at the park. And they are 6 and 7 maybe 8 years older than me, so I knew how to play and I knew how to take a hit. That’s why my parents wanted me to play to because they knew I was good.

And when I started in the league his dad always encouraged me to play m best just like my dad did. PJ and his dad would help me with the plays if I needed it. My coach last year would be able to get us pumped up before a game but coach Groves did it better. He knew how to get us motivated to play our best. When he got angry because we were losing or because we messed up with a play he would pull you aside, help you correct it, and would make sure you execute the play next time.

I played corner back which is defense and running back which is offense. During one of our games I hit the kid but didn’t wrap up so he got an extra couple or yards. So coach Groves pulled called a timeout, he told everyone their mistakes if they made one. He then looked at me and said Guy when you tackle wrap up. After that he said “I want you to get back out there and hit the s*** out of him and bury him!!” I got the chills right when he said that and I felt the adrenaline rush through my body.

I played right corner and the next play they ran to the left outside which is my right side, I saw it coming before he called hike. He said hike I then snapped from the spot I was at, when the blocker ran at me I collided with him than shed the block before he could push me back, I lowered my shoulder and drove it into his stomach, wrapped around him and slammed him into the ground and you could hear his head smack against the ground. And they lost about 8 yards and the whole defense ran over to me and was saying nice job or wow you messed him up. I felt so good after that and it was all because of coach Groves. When I started playing for an actual team I loved it. I’ve been playing football for a league ever since.

I chose coach Groves because he and his son encouraged me to play football for that team and I found out that I am very good at it and that’s why I play football now.