Educator of The Year

My first hockey coach, Randy Sakuma is like a solemn wolf, just begging to lace up his skates.As he made his laps around the freshly zambonied ice rink, we would watch, wondering if we’ll ever skate as fast as him.He comes to a halting stop. standing on the ice in nothing but a helmet, gloves, a pair of skates, and a huge smile. Coach Sakuma waits for us, as everybody crowds through the door. All practice we are pushed to our limits, while loving it all.

Each practice we jump onto the ice, there is a lesson learned, which translated off of the ice in our regular lives. I have found out that just like in most hockey, teamwork, responsibility, and leadership is essential for something such as a future education or job. Mr. Randy Sakuma has been far more than just a hockey coach throughout the time that I have known him.He has been a family friend, a role model, and most of all, a life coach towards me.Coach Sakuma has known me my whole life.

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I grew up playing hockey with his son, and all the skills I have, regarding hockey, have been learned through him. I have had what feels like hundreds of coaches, ranging from baseball to hockey, but Mr. Sakuma was the only one to stick out of the bunch.All lessons learned on the ice with him can be used off of the ice, in our outside lives.I’ve been taught to respect the people around me, and to thrive towards my goals, no matter how far fetched.

Every lesson, camp, or team that Mr. Sakuma mentored me through has made a drastic difference on how I have grown into an adult.Most importantly, he’s taught me to show respect, humility, and selflessness no matter the situation which I am in.Although he isn’t my coach anymore, I still wonder if I will ever skate as fast as Mr. Sakuma.