My Educator of the Year

Ever since I can remember, Mr. Hussar, was my absolute favorite teacher at Brandywine Springs Elementary/ Middle School.

I remember being in elementary school and wanting him as my teacher so bad, but he only taught middle school kids. When I was finally old enough for him to be my teacher, there wasn’t a minute in class I wasn’t smiling or laughing at his jokes, and I almost never saw him in a bad mood. He was such a caring person; he worried more about other people’s feelings than his own. While we were learning new material, he was always on topic and upbeat; there was never a dull moment in class. He was always making class fun and he never distracted us from learning which helped a lot.

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Mr. Hussar was one of the most caring and considerate people I’ve ever met. It almost seemed like if one of his students was having a bad day, so was he. He would let his students come and talk to him whenever about whatever. He also made it clear that I could talk to him about anything, whether it’d be issues I was having at home, trouble with relationships/boys, trouble with schoolwork, and even problems facing a bully or drama within the school. As the middle school years passed by, I began to grow trust with him, began seeing him as not only my PE teacher, but my mentor or role model, and that was important to me.

Not only was he caring, but he was a very engaged teacher. Mr. Hussar wouldn’t just teach us stuff and expect us to remember it; he would teach us good study techniques, and he made sure the material stuck with us. He played review games that helped me a lot with quizzes. He was a fun teacher, but he was serious when he needed to be and could easily switch gears.

He made sure we were ready for the next phase of our life. He prepared us for high school and made me comfortable going into the Delaware Military Academy. Mr. Hussar was overall just one of the best teachers I’ve had. He made middle school very fun and memorable. I remember playing lacrosse with him and playing soccer or baseball.

He always had the class on their feet. I always had fun with him. He would even play sports with us that we were playing. He made every second of class fun. Another thing which I thought was cool, was he would reward us for doing well or even outstanding.

Like if we did the most push ups then he would give up some type of reward which always encouraged students to try harder. I was so nervous going into highschool, even middle school, but he made it so much more comfortable for me. Having someone throughout school that you know you can trust makes school a little easier and can have a big impact on your life. Just knowing that you always have someone to talk to, meant a lot to me. Mr. Hussar was that person to me.

He was the most caring, most involved and invested in his students, and most importantly he was great role model to all. I hope everyone has a teacher as great as Mr. Hussar to help guide them throughout years of school like I did. This is why he deserves Educator of the Year.