School During Summer?

Some people argue that students should be in school during the summer break, like other countries may do. I believe that that policy is ridiculous. Summer time allows kids to learn about themselves in a way that you cant at school. Take camp for example, camp teaches teamwork, and helps kids gain confidence and independence with interaction with other kids their own age outside of a classroom.

If children decide to stay involved with camp as they grow up they have a good foundation for the rest of their lives. Also, summer jobs are very important to growing teens. While I understand that many teens have jobs after school, and go and work a few hours a week, summer jobs are very different. Summer jobs give teens a better experience of what the real work life is like. In summer jobs teens often have to wake up earlier and work full days, you don’t get that experience in a part time job. Let’s just not forget the obvious too, all kids need breaks! The weekend is a very important part of a growing child’s week.

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No more stress about school for a whole two days! No having to worry about getting off the bus and rushing to start your homework to make sure that it gets done in time for the next day! Imagine how much a summer off can benefit them. What about the school schedule though? With summers off when are final exams going to be, the whole educational system would have to be changed! The policy to try to make school go full year long is just outrageous.