How to make your summer academically enjoyable

By this time, my work here on Teen Ink has encompassed a few topics under the field of academia. I believe that academics can truly enable one’s self to succeed in today’s globally connected world.

The world is emerging out of its shell into a more technologically advanced place of living. Researchers in public health are discovering new ways to cure diseases, entrepreneurs are developing better business plans, and engineers of tech companies are innovating more powerful machineries. In order to do that, one must build their roots through education and experience. To make this journey to the point where you can create your own software program or build a car, you must gain experience and knowledge whenever you have time. The best time to do this, in your youth, is during the summer. Below is a guide to better your summer and not waste your days.

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Volunteering is an academically fun, believe it or not, way to not only help others, but as the same time help yourself. A basic volunteering job could be working at a hospital or a local nursing home. Through these activities, one develops multiple social, clerical, and intellectual skills, such as simply talking to people. Basically, you can get involved through your local library, high school, or church. As you develop more skills and acquire more connections, perhaps you are lucky enough to gain a volunteering job abroad. There are many opportunities in today’s world where you, an English speaking person, could travel to another country such as Spain and teach children English.

The gift of language is very valuable and a very simple thing you can teach to other people. Through these international experiences, not only are you developing your own skills and other people’s, you are getting the chance to explore other environments, and sometimes free of cost! Volunteering is truly a great experience that many people don’t take advantage of. Interning in the field of your future potential job can show you whether or not you really want that job. Internships may or may not pay you, depending on your employer, however they show you a lot more direct knowledge, that volunteering will not. Internships generally are designed to benefit the internee, and to some degree, the intern employer; volunteering directly benefits the place where you are volunteering, and to a lesser degree, you (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t volunteer).

Interning at a law firm may show your true love for the law, and working at a history museum may show your true hatred for the past. Internships give you a real hands on experience of the real world; try it out. Going to a camp that provides classes for a certain skill, such as writing, can truly hone your ability to do something. While you do need to pay money, and perhaps a huge amount, certain camps are worth its fee. Make sure you research on which camps are legitimately good and which camps are fool’s gold; get your money’s worth. For example, a debate camp at a creditable university would most likely provide great skills for you in the future.

Take this into consideration, as it will help you in your high school and college career. To conclude, making the best out of your summer through academic means will benefit you in two ways; you learn and have fun. Going to an amusement park or a party will only provide you with a short term benefit: having fun. Weigh your activities and see which ones are the best for you.