You all know the feeling of those last two seconds you stand in the school building; right before the bell rings for the summer. Yet not many of us ever take the time to describe the feeling you get the first day of school, right after summer, that horrible feeling you get that you might not fit in, or that the best summer of your life is over.

For me that day is the one that matters, not the end but the beginning. One week before school starts up again you start to realize “Oh my god… I have absolutely no time left!” your parents seem to come to that same realization as well, and they start asking whether or not you want a new back pack this year or if you are ready to go and pick out school supplies; all you really want to talk about is if your friends changed at all during the summer, or if you are going to be ready for the challenges of the new year. You try and try to get yourself together and you buy your school supplies, sometimes even change a little in the process yourself, but when you finally get to the first day of school, you see that everyone is still themselves, and the work load from the new year is really not even that bad, you let out a big sigh, and the start of a whole new world begins.

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