IAncomming Freshman

Dear incoming freshman, this letter is for all of you that think high school is scary and upperclassmen hate you. That is not true at all. High school is fun.

You have nothing to worry about, on my first day of high school I was terrified to go. I didn’t want the big kids to hate me and not get to class on time. But that all changed after my first day, everyone was welcoming and helpful. High school is actually fun. I enjoy going to school. The teachers here are wonderful and understanding, they will help you in any situation you encounter.

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I have known many students that have attended high school and after that one first day of freshman year it all turns to fun and joy, especially if you are involved in your school. Get involved. Play sports, join clubs, and even tutor other students that need some help. I have had many teachers, students, and councilors help me along my way through high school. Always try to make new friends also many friends and groups are willing to let you in trust me I see people make new friends every day in high school. The new friends and old friends you have in high school will end up being your lifelong friends so make sure you fit in with them and are comfortable acting like you when you’re around them.

Never be fake to make friends or so you can keep your current friend liking you. Never try to fit in, if it’s meant to be it will happen. All the new kids coming to high school are in your same position and I bet they are just as nervous as you are to change schools and be a big kid now not the little one. There are people who care all around and if you are just in need for someone to talk to just ask a counselor or even a upperclassmen they were in your shoes before and know exactly what you are going through because they went through the same exact thing so get help if you need it. Sincerely, A High School Student