New meat coming through!

Do you remember those awesomly weird summer days? When everything seemed so calm and positive despite the horror? Then you must remember your high school freshman year perfectly well even though that to me and others it seems so distant.

The first day seems so distant… And just in case you’ve bee wondering – I am a freshman now. The first day was a mess..

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. The tour was canceled so we couldn’t find our way around the school – keep asking upperclassmen who misguided us. Absurd as it may sound, we were given homework on our first day without even realizing that high school is no place you can flunk like middle school. And it seems that tradition lives on. Today, for example, my friend and I were discussing how to tease the freshmen (even preps who seem so confident).

As an upperclassman you can sense the power you now own (over the freshmen of course). They will seem so young to us – even now… Facebook is a useful tool to chat with friends or people you’ve just met – but apperantly it is also a tool to locate future freshman targets. But don’t worry! My friend planned to pretend she likes a certain freshman guy. (Not too serious – but quite emberrasing). So here is a tip for the future freshmen – Have fun as much as you can because you don’t have to worry about finals and college (yet). And please! Don’t treat any of those upperclassmen bullies! I’ts not personal..

. Just a tradition…