Meat, The Early Days

Relying on our meat consumption to be heavily considered within the public’s eyes under strict guidelines from which a manufacturer must comply is what consumers were taught to believe.

Within the walls of the meat packing industries lies secrets that their own employs can’t tolerate but to speak out about it. It’s to say that conditions are poorly managed which promotes health risks amongst its working staff members and intensifies the fact that with this situation in mined there’s no telling of what plethora of events will follow next. Throughout the early 1900’s, individuals like myself have been consuming indigestible and unsanitary meat products but scarcely had the knowledge to understand even though it was right under one’s nose. In comparison, Upton Sinclair depicts this to be rightfully so with impressive details and descriptions of the horrible conditions that underline our main staple of sustenance. Meat is dragged throughout the warehouse with little to no maintenance which results with the accumulation of feces, bacteria and infectious diseases such that of tuberculosis.

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This proves extremely dangerous in regards to the death toll it brings to millions of middle class American citizens during the publishment of this article. Also, any other substance like meat can harvest an overabundance of chemicals, artificial preservatives and cancerous microbes that become injected by means of consumptions which inevitability takes many lives. In general, it’s mostly translated into one word that triumphs all unnecessary labeling such that of income and profit. These words couldn’t be used in a time like this especially when the entire American country is being deceived by other con artists. The process in which meat is tenderized and prepared becomes more of a luxury that it has its own phrase. According, to Upton Sinclair workers call it “… Giving them thirty per cent” or as “Number Three Grade.

” This falls into the saying which resembles that of a person being the food that they eat and adds to the scenario that’s already been established. Each year this industry discovers a clever way to trick all their customers into thinking what they sell is obviously the best. It can be thought of as a form of propaganda due to the mass market that consumes this meat even though it’s not what they think it is. Meat is undeniably a staple in human diet but when the dealer handles it and leaves it to collect feces or mold it just adds a hint of disgrace and loss of hope. It’s why people like myself write about this and demonstrate our own opinion on the matter and unravel those deep secretes the meat industry doesn’t want your “average joe” to know about.

I hope this article catches the attention of onlookers especially newspaper publishers who want to debunk common misconceptions about the meat people put on their plates.