First Day as a Freshman

I woke up this morning the very first day of school and i was so excited to finally become a Freshmen and i knew this year was going to be different for me i was going to try to change and my morning was going just fine i took a shower and got dressed and got ready for the bus and i was siting at the table eating my breakfast when my mom said the bus was coming so i took 2 more bites of my cereal when my mom said that the bus was here but i remembered that i haven’t put anything in my book bag and i was upset because all my stuff was upstairs in my bedroom so i told my mom to way the bus on and she didn’t want to so i had to then my mom had to take me to school and i was starting out having a bad day then when i walked into the school there were so many high school students in the hallway and i was nervous then i saw my best friend and i walk up to her and said my morning has been bad and she said dont worry about it just be happy that we are finally freshmen and i smiled at her and said i am happy then she went to her class and i went to mine then i saw a girl in my class who looked new and she started talking to me and she was really nice and we hung out most of the day and i was happy and she made me feel better about myself and i think that i am going to be okay now but at first it was nerve waking but i made a new friend and i like being a freshman.