Karmashing and I where the tightest best friends and nobody could split us apart like splitting bread into pieces. We had our ups and downs like any friend. We could always have each other’s back no matter what but this time I felt like I didn’t have her back and was failing her as a friend and trying so hard just to fail all over again I was trying everything. I simply waited to see how things were going to play out but nothing happened.

As day by day went it ate me alive because I couldn’t do anything to help her or I didn’t even know what the problem was. I remember it all started when she wasn’t being herself and acting strange. Karmashing wasn’t eating as much, was very quiet and was acting anti-social not only with me but with all her friends. I finally asked her what was wrong and she said nothing at all, I would keep asking what’s wrong that I was bugging myself but every time I got the same reply ‘ nothing was wrong’. Even though I knew something was wrong and could feel it I let it go because I know it was bothering her.

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I felt so bad for her and felt like a horrible friend. The day of the surprise was slow because I knew something was going to happen and every Friday went by fast. Later that night I heard a loud bang on my door, it sounded like a roaring lion when he just woke up. I was so scared out my pants because it was about 4 am in the morning and every one was sleep, well I thought everyone was so why was someone banging on my door I said to myself low and quiet as I could be. I got up slowly and quietly out my bed to walk to the door as I opened slowly and shock to find my best-friend and my brother standing there. My eyes were widened my mouth was open and my brain couldn’t think because it was confused.

My brother had a confused and worried look apron his face. Karmasing had a worried and sad face she looked like she was upset and very angry at something or someone, it scared me because I have never seen her look like this and we have been best-friends for a really long time. She walked in my room as my brother walked off and shut the door, I asked how did you get here and she responded by saying I walked. I was shocked because she doesn’t leave close to me at all but as I stood there to ask her why did she walk here she busted out crying a river. I hugged her tight and said its okay you can tell my what’s wrong as she told me I cried it was the worst news I heard in my life. As we both stood there cryingI still couldn’t bear the horrible news I heard.