That Fateful Halloween night

It was that time of the year again it was again October 31st the day where I would try toget a candy hangover and be hyper for a whole month. We all gathered in my room me and my friends Jeff, Timmy, and Steve who were all dressed up as superheros. All of uswere about to get the most wonderful thing God has blessedhumans with, candy. This was also the year that we were going all by ourselves. As soon as we got out the door, Jeff said “How candy do you think we will get this year.

” I told him “I amaiming for 7 pounds of candy this year.” Steve replied ” Juan no way are we going to get 2 more pounds of candy then last year” We all walked down the hard gray concrete going to the first house,I pushed the cold doorbell until I heard a soft gentle ding sound coming from the other side of the door,loud footsteps kept on coming closer and closer. Until my neighbor Mr. Cena came through the door. As soon as he opened the door, The four of us shouted in unison “trick or treat” After Mr.

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Cena gave us 3 pieces of Twix each said . I felt the golden wrapper of goodness in my hand just asking me to unwrap it and find the sugary treasure hiddeninside it . We continued to walk from house to house filling up are bags with candy . After walking about 3 miles or so I felt a bad ache on the soles of my feet. I asked “can we take a short break my feet are killing me” We took a short 5 minute break. After sitting down I realized that I didn’t know where we were.

I said to the rest of the group” Does anyone know where we are because I don’t.” Steve asked “does anyone have a phone because we can use it to find directions back home”. We all replied ” No !!!”. We reached the part of town where there weren’t many houses. I kept on thinking to myself”this is it I not going to make it home”.

But suddenly in the distance I saw a tall man. I told everyone else ” look, there is a man over there maybe we could ask him for help” All of us made a dash for the man there was still hope we could make it home. When all of us got to where the man was standing I saw that he was a man who looked to be around 22 years old. I asked the man “do you know where we are.” The man replied what do you kids have in those bags. Steve said ” Candy” The man said “give me all your candy and no one gets hurt.

” As soon as we gave the candy to the man he took off. After crying for about 5 minutes we got the courage to go chase the man. We kept on walking along a dark sidewalk passing one beige house after another.The violent wind blowing in our face was ferocious we kept looking until we foundanother local. I asked the local ” Have you seen a man carrying a huge sack of candy.

” The local replied “You just missed him he just entered his house” “Which one is it” asked Timmy. The one right across the street ,the house was small black one story house with dead grass. As we walked closer to the house the more scared I got. As went to ring the doorbell this time it was different than the time I rang Mr Cena’s doorbell this time I was anxious to see what would happen when the door opened. To my surprise as soon as the door opened the man who stole our candy was crying while having a snickers bar in his hands. “Why did you steal our candy ?” asked Steve The man replied it was because when I was a kid my parents never let me eat candy so when I saw your group having giant sacks of candy I couldn’t resist.

” After he told us that he gave us our candy back .We asked him if he knew where we lived he replied Yeah I actually Have a friend who live in that area. His name is John Cena. “He is my neighbor” I replied We got in his car and he dropped us to my house. The End