Summer School Syndrome

I’m not writing this just because I have to, I’m also writing it to warn others about my mistakes and how to stay away from the same mistakes. The first reason I’m in this class is I didn’t do any classwork during the school year, I also didn’t do any homework, and all of that lead up to me flunking the final which killed my chances of passing.

If you don’t do work during the school year you will have to go to summer school. I refused to do homework in the school year because I think it is the dumbest idea in the whole universe. We go to school for 7 hours of our day then each of the 8 teachers gives us at least a half an hour of work a night so it takes up all my after school time so I was like “screw this!” That is why I’m in this class. That is why I’m in summer school and writing about this topic so I can help other students to not have to be where I am. To all who are reading this, do your work and give it your best effort. Those of you in summer school already, pass summer school so you don’t have to repeat a grade.

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I learned the hard way but you don’t have to, so take my advice, do your work.