Recreational Summer School

Elementary school should be a fun, exciting experience, full of laughter and happiness. Not boring, woeful classrooms that never like to have any fun! Therefore, I think the summer classes should be recreational. Summer is a time to enjoy life at its finest.

When you think of summer you think of the hot sun warming your body, while you stick your bare feet in an ice cold pool. One of the last things you would think about is school, so make it boisterous! You could take a lot of steps to make your elementary years good ones, such as taking field trips, doing fun activities, and learning new things at the same time! There are many ways you can combine them all, and still learn everything you need to know to be prepared for middle school! I think that field trips our great, the more hands on, the better! Like going to the local middle school your 5th grade year, would be an amazing first-hand experience, to see what middle school is really like so the wakeup call won’t be so horrific. Another field trip that would be convivial is going to the movies to see an educational film. I think that doing diverting things in the classroom makes a huge impact on a young student’s education. After all, you are in there for 8 hours. Playing games and doing group activities is an appealing way to educate students, without all the bromidic worksheets and lectures from teachers.

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Switch it up! One day you could play board games, and then the next day you could do a group activity featuring what you have been learning about. Make it interesting, but educational at the same time. Kids will love it to the point where they will forget that their actually learning! Believe me, school is very stressful, and as you get older it just gets worse. Piles upon piles of unfinished homework, lectures from teacher, your social life, and sports are a lot to handle! All children will experience stress, sometimes significant amounts of it, in their lives. Adults ordinarily fail to recognize the incidence and magnitude of stress in the lives of children.

When you spend more hours at school then you do at your own home, you don’t want school to be boring! 80% of the time, kids are sitting at their desks working on worksheets or writing protracted notes off of the board. Sounds boring doesn’t it? Instead of making it tiring, make it exciting! Have students get in groups of 4, and then assign them to look up different vocabulary words and definitions! Next, have a contest to see who can make the most bizarre sentence! I hope that I have stressed to you the importance of making school recreational. Less stress, happier kids!