Case Study on Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome Case Study:

Nephrotic syndrome is a disorder connected with the poor immune system and the disability of kidneys to keep enough protein in the blood. As a result protein is transported from the organism in urine in great amounts. A great number of diseases occur on the basis of nephritic syndrome, resulted from the negative processes in the immune system which damages kidneys. At the same time, the quantity of lipids in blood rises which causes other problems.

Nephrotic syndrome may occur because of genetic predisposition, because of infection and various diseases, like hepatitis, tuberculosis, VIH, malaria, diabetes, etc.The syndrome is treated from two to six month and requires individual approach, because the treatment depends on the disease which has caused the syndrome. It is extremely important to keep to the specific diet during the process of treatment, because some kinds of food affect the organism badly. One should avoid the food rich in fat, for example everything fried, eggs, cheese and butter. Then, one should increase the eating of fruit and vegetables to make the process of recovery faster.

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