How to Write a Case Study on a Disease

Writing a Good Case Study on a Disease:

When there is the assignment connected with the case study writing, the student should remember that the paper is expected to have the strict order, valid arguments, wise solutions and professional methodology. Many students can find a case study on a disease difficult, but of one reads the case study writing tips below, he will manage to construct an adequate paper which would impress every professor.

  1. Study the Problem Efficiently: Before starting writing it is important to understand the expectations of the professor about the case study. One should communicate to the teacher and ask everything about the case study and the process of its writing, including the content and format of the assignment. After that one should understand what he has to research and what the predicted results will be. Everything should be planned at the very beginning in order to move towards the analysis of the case of the disease gradually.
  2. Research the Case and Collect Facts: Primarily, the student should learn about the disease a lot. There are many reliable sources which can be used by the young professionals: encyclopaedias, the Internet articles, periodicals, textbooks, free case studies etc. All these sources will be useful for the student’s background knowledge, the symptoms of the disease, the ways of infecting, the methods of treatment, etc. When one has learnt about the general image of the disease, it is time to focus on the definite case. It is important to find the information about the case site, the patient, the lifestyle, the family problems (the genetic risk of the disease), the occupation, etc.

    All these facts will be necessary for the right diagnosis and research of the cause and effect of the disease.

  3. Study the Reasons and Effect of the Disease: Every disease is caused by something and the student should find out what has caused it in the definite case. One can interview the patient or the physicist who is treating him in order to learn about the additional information about the patient, the source of the disease and its complexity. The effect of the disease is supposed to be analyzed in the right objective way in order to brainstorm the best way of treatment.
  4. Write the Methodology of the Research: Any research is possible without the reliable methods of the investigation.

    The student should study the problem in detail and research the case with the help of the useful methods. The quality of the methods will influence the professor’s decision about the quality of the whole case study.

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