Case Study on Addison’s Disease

Addison’s Disease Case Study:

Addison’s disease is the rare endocrine disease which is characterized with the fact that the human adrenal glands lose their function to produce enough hormones, especially cortisol.This disease was first described and researched by Dr Thomas Addison in his publication in 1855.The disease can occur because of any serious problem with adrenal glands which leads to the reduced production of cortisol. For example, Addison’s disease can occur because of tuberculosis and the impact of the certain drugs which damage adrenal glands. Addison’s disease requires much time to develop, from several months to several years. The disease ‘waits’ till the most convenient moment when the organism becomes weak and vulnerable, for example, serious stress.

The most common symptoms which are observed among the patients are: chronic fatigue, which becomes stronger with the run of time; muscular weakness; loss of weight and appetite; stomach aches; orthostatic hypotension; hyper pigmentation of skin in the form of spots; low mood; depression; thirst; low level of glucose in blood; erectile dysfunction (among male) and irregular menstruations (among female); low sensibility of limbs and even their paralysis; the increased quantity of urine; dehydration; etc. The best method to cure the patient is the hormonic therapy, which is aimed to restore the quantity of cortisol in the human organism. The disease is quite rare and its frequency is no more than 1: 100 000 but the disease is supposed to be the hereditary one and there is a chance to fall ill with it if someone had had it in the family before.Addison’s disease is quite a complicated and serious disease which includes numerous dangerous for life factors and related diseases and disorders. It is important to detect the disease on time and work hard to cure it quickly. If the student wants to learn about Addison’s disease more, he will have to prepare a case study which would explain the origin of the disease, the cause and effect and the most common symptoms and the danger it carries with itself.

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The student is expected to evaluate the danger of Addison’s disease for the human life and define the most appropriate methods which would be helpful to cure and prevent the disease.The most obvious difficulty of the process of case study writing is the lack of the student’s experience and knowledge. One can rely on the help of the web and a free example case study on Addison’s disease analyzed by an expert online. The student will find the information valuable, because a free sample case study on Addison’s disease teaches to research the case correctly and organize the paper according to the general standards of writing.