Case Study on Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Case Study:

Parkinson’s disease is the slow progressing chronic nervous disease, which occurs among the elderly people. The disease is supposed to be one of the diseases of extrapyramidal system.Parkinson’s disease is caused by the ruining and death of the neurons, producing neurotransmitter dopamine in the branches of the nervous system. The insufficient production of dopamine leads to the increased effect of basal ganglia on the human brains.The major symptoms which are typical for Parkinson’s disease are muscular rigidity; hypokinesia; tremor and moving disorder.

The modern medicine can not cure the disease or reduce its progressing, but there are remedies which can make the patient’s life easier and less troublesome. Speaking about the history of the description of the disease, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease were found thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt.The Bible also has numerous mentions about the disease, for example, describing the patients with tremor. In 1817 James Parkinson published An Essay on the Shaking Palsy, where he described about the disease of the six people, who had tremor and moving disorders. He also observed the dynamics of the disease’s progressing. Nowadays, Parkinson’s disease is the second neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s disease and its frequency is more than 150 patients on 100 000 elderly people.

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The majority of the patients are 80 years old whose symptoms started already at the age of 50 and progressed slowly for so many years. It is interesting that heavy smokers have lower risk to fall ill with the disease than the non-smokers.Parkinson’s disease is a dangerous disease which deprives the person from the normal life, because if the disease develops to its final degree, the patient will lose the ability to walk and move completely. Researching the case on Parkinson’s disease the student is supposed to collect information about the disease, the factors which cause it, the methods of treatment, risk factors, etc. The case on Parkinson’s disease should be described in detail and the student should pay attention to the patient, his age, lifestyle, cause of the disease and its current effect.

One is supposed to study the case in detail, suggest the methods which can reduce the effect of the disease and predict the further condition of the patient.The most useful way to prepare a good case study is to apply for the reliable assistance of the web and read a free example case study on patient Parkinson’s disease written by the experienced writer. There are many pluses of a good free sample nursing case study on Parkinson’s disease, for example, the student can learn about the right structure of the paper, the appropriate way of the analysis of the topic, the correct research approach and the best type of formatting which meets the general requirements.