Case Study on Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Case Study:

Lyme disease is the inflectional transmission disease which is caused by the special types of bacteria (directly three types) Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto. This bacterium is active mainly in North America and the types Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii are active in Europe.Lyme disease is the most common disease which transmitted by ticks of the so called genus Ixodes in Northern Hemisphere. The bacteria are transmitted to the human organism with the contact of the infected tick which bites the human skin. The bacteria get to the human body through the wound and the disease starts to progress. The first symptoms of Lyme disease are fever, fatigue, headaches and the special so called chronic migrating redness on the skin.

In the certain cases if the patient is genetically vulnerable towards the disease, the area of the infection’s activity can spread to joints, tissues, nervous system and even heart.The disease on the early terms can be easily defeated with the help of antibiotics. If the patient is treated wrongly, there is a risk to receive the further stages and even chronic Lyme disease which is treated with serious complications and can be the cause of disability. There are cases, that the human body defeats the diseases without the help of the drugs but very often the infection is so strong that the patient has to take the course of treatment with antibiotics several times. In order to prevent Lyme disease one should reduce the possibility of contacts with ticks and special tight clothes will be useful in this case. So, walking in the wild everyone should remember about the ticks and choose the best clothes which would protect him from their bites.

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Lyme disease is a serious and widespread disease and people have to know about it everything in order to be treated effectively. When the student researches the case on Lyme disease, he should learn about the transmission and the first symptoms which can help one to detect the disease. Of course, the best way to make sure one is not infected is to apply for the help of the healthcare services just after the bite of a tick. The student is expected to find out about the cause and consequences of Lyme disease and share the methods of treatment and prevention of the disease.In order to cope with a case study effectively the student should use the advantages of the Internet and a free example case study on Lyme disease analyzed by the well-educated expert in this field.It is a serious plus if one can use a free sample case study on Lyme disease in the web and learn about the methods of the research and the way of the technical organization of the paper.