Case Study on Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease Case Study:

Alzheimer’s disease is the most widespread form of dementia which has been discovered and explained in 1906 by the German psychotherapist Alois Alzheimer. As a rule Alzheimer’s disease is discovered among the elderly people who reach their 65 year of life, but there are also cases of the early Alzheimer’s disease which occurs among the younger people. According to the statistics of the year 2006 the number of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in the world is equal to more than 26 million people.

Every patient has his own peculiarities of the disease, but there are common symptoms which differentiate the disease from the others. At the very beginning there are disorders with the short-term memory. Unfortunately, this symptom is often not paid attention to, because this problem touches upon many elderly people because of stress. In order to detect the disease the patient is seriously monitored, his behaviour and memory is analyzed with the help of numerous methods.With the further development of the disease there is the loss of the long-term memory.

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The gradual loss of the functions of the organism gradually leads to death. The problem of the detection of the disease lies in the terms of its development. Sometimes the disease requires more than ten years to ‘conquer’ the organism and sometimes the terms are much shorter. When Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed, the patient will probably live no more than 7 years. In fact there rare cases when the patients live 14 years with the disease.

Nowadays the nature and the factors of the disease are not known and it is impossible to cure it but only reduce its effect on the human organism.The problem of Alzheimer’s disease is very important and troublesome for the developed countries, because the patients with the disease are the serious burdens on the economics of the countries. Alzheimer’s disease case study is the investigation of the certain case with has occurred with the patient suffering from the disease. The student should write a complete description of the life of the patient, define his age, the symptoms of the disease, define the period of time Alzheimer’s disease has been lasting and predict the possible result of the disease and describe the methods which are applied to reduce the effect of the disease on the patient.The difficulty of case study writing lies in the disability of students to construct the right structure and analyse the limited topic from all sides. In fact, with the assistance of a free sample case study on Alzheimer’s disease written in the Internet the student will learn about the topic more.

In addition one will catch the appropriate style of writing and the analysis of the problem reading a free example case study on someone with Alzheimer’s disease.