How to Write a Case Study for a Research Paper

Tips on Writing a Case Study for a Research Paper:

When a case study is an integral part of a research paper, the student is supposed to take many efforts to succeed. It is not so easy to prepare a good case study possessing poor writing experience, so the case study writing guidelines below will play the important role in the quality writing of the assignment.

  1. Choose a Good Topic: If the student plans to succeed in the process of writing, he should compose the best paper which would be treated like the original one and a good unique topic will be helpful for it. The topic should be short but captive.

    The reader should recognize what the problem will be just looking at the title of the case study. The topic should be closely connected with the general topic of the research paper, because a case study is one of the major parts of the whole assignment making it informative and valid.

  2. Collect Information about the Problem: In order to research the problem in detail, the student should devote much time to find the reliable facts about the issue under investigation. One should be ready to spend a few hours at the library and use several reliable books and journals in order to improve the knowledge about the case and its aspects. The more facts the student knows about the definite case, the more chance he has to prepare a worthy case study paper.
  3. Dwell on the Cause and Effect: Every case is a certain problem and the student is obliged to research this problem well and find out about its reason and its consequences. It is quite difficult to define the cause of the problem, because one should spend long hours studying the case site and the issue which has occurred there. The most effective way to prepare an objective case study for a research paper is to evaluate the effect of the problem well relying on the evidence collected in the books and through the interviews and other methods of gathering information.
  4. Solve the Case: A case study is a puzzle and the student has to solve it in the right way demonstrating his professional skills and knowledge. It is a plus if the case study which is integrated into the research paper had several solutions in order to show that the student thinks logically and differently.
  5. Conclude the Case: In the end it is important to conclude the case study in the appropriate way and write how it influences the quality of the research paper and what positive experience the student has achieved.

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