How to Write a Case Study in APA Format

How to Write a Good Case Study in APA Format:

Writing a case study is an obligatory process which is practised in every college and university.

Case study writing is aimed at the training of the student’s analytical and critical thinking skills.When one is asked to complete his case study in APA format, he should know that there are strict requirements and expectations concerning the structure of the paper, the format and the manner of presentation of the information. American Psychological Association is a specific style of writing, which demands a list of the strict requirements. When one is not sure how to organize the paper in this format, below there are professional APA case study writing tips, which can be useful for everyone.

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  1. First of all one should organize the paper according to the technical requirements of the format and set all the options correctly.

    To begin with, the case study should be written with the help of the Microsoft Word program, generally used for the work with texts. Every page should possess 1-inch margins from all sides. The most appropriate font for writing is Times New Roman with the size of 12. Every new paragraph is marked with the help of the set tab equal to 1 inch. The student is supposed to set the number for every page on the top right corner of the page and the title on the top left corner.

    The title is expected to be capitalized and all the numbers used in the paper should be Arabic.

  2. After the fulfillment of these options the student can start working on the title of the paper. The title should be prepared on the separate piece of paper and contain the name of the topic, the discipline, the faculty, the name of the student and the name of the supervisor and the name of the educational institution.
  3. The next page is devoted to the abstract. The abstract is supposed to inform the reader about the topic of the research, the problem under the analysis, the core questions investigated in the case study, the manner of the analysis, the methods and the brief summary of the whole paper. Furthermore, the student should share the results and conclusions of the research with the professor.
  4. Analyzing the problem the student will definitely use various quotations and borrow the ideas of the famous scholars and writers, so he is required to cite every quotation correctly. One should mention the name of the author, the name of the publication, its year and the page where the borrowed information can be found. The case study should also contain a rich list of references; the sources used for the analysis organized in the alphabetic order.

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