How to Write a Case Study on a Person

A case study is a complicated assignment that reflects student’s activity as a practitioner in the field of the particular profession. When one is asked to make a case study about person, he should understand that he is expected to observe the suggested subject from all possible angles.

For example, there are case studies on patients, politicians, famous entrepreneurs, etc. The main idea of such an assignment is to analyze the personality’s biography and professional activity. A student is expected to define the factors that helped this personality become outstanding or dangerous (in case of the papers on criminals).

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Way #1: Get Ready for Case Study Writing

Step One: Read about the Suggested PersonWhen you analyze a famous personality, you are supposed to read about her a lot. The best approach is to look through several biographies published by different authors. Very often, authors manage to collect authentic information that is not mentioned in another book.

Therefore, the more you read the more objective image of a personality you receive. If you analyze the definite patient or criminal (for nursing or forensic sciences case studies), your opportunities increase. You can not only read the case of these people but also interview them and ask the questions that are considerable to you. In brief, you initial duty is to collect much information about the person under research. This information will help you analyze the subject objectively.Step Two: Make a Good OutlineIt is smart to plan every step of case study writing.

Think about every paragraph and subcategory. Devote enough time to the research of every section of your case study. For example, the first part of your assignment is called introduction. It demonstrates the major objective of your paper to the reader. The second part is an abstract that provides the audience with the brief summary of your case study. You can do it when the entire paper is written.

The following section is the case presentation. Then, there is management and outcome and discussion. The last pasts are devoted to the additional materials and bibliography. Make sure you build your case study logically according to the required algorithm.

Way #2: Make the Introductory Sections

Step One: Complete Your IntroductionYour major task is to introduce the topic of your case study to the reader.

Describe the person under analysis in a few words and emphasize her importance and originality. Why did you choose her for research? What methods did you use to research the case? Make a sound thesis statement to mark the aim of your assignment.Step Two: Organize the Case PresentationThis section introduces ‘the raw material’ to the audience. For example, you can present the most basic information about the patient and his primary diagnosis. In the same way, you introduce criminals, politicians and other people.

You do not need to write every detail about the person. Present only such facts that can be useful for the initial analysis of the problem.Step Three: Write Management and OutcomeThis part is the most important one whereas you conduct your research and analyze the case on the chosen person. Think about the cause and effect of the problem related to your subject and try to solve the problem. For instance, you can write about the diagnosis and any complications that occur in the way of treatment.

Describe the process of cure and the methods utilized for it. Introduce the actual procedure and the best alternative approach that could have been applied. In this section, you demonstrate your professionalism and your own research approach. Your teacher will evaluate your knowledge about the right methods. Students are supposed to know where and when to use every research method.

Step Four: Prepare the Discussion SectionIn these paragraphs, students analyze the results of their research. They evaluate the usefulness of the utilized methods and the understanding of the cause and effect of the problem. Discuss the strong sides of the case and say what you have learnt due to the analysis of the suggested person.

Way #3: Conclude Your Case Study

Step One: Introduce the ReferencesYou have definitely used numerous additional sources for the analysis of the person. Enumerate these books, periodicals and the Internet articles.

Step Two: Make the Legends SectionEvery case study is based on tables, graphs and photographs. You can introduce them in the last chapter of your case study.