How to Write a Case Study?

Many researchers and students look for the best case study writing guide in order to understand the format. There are different types of case studies. You might need to write the case study for a dissertation, or it might be a part of your job. Health researchers, businessmen, sociologists, psychologists and many other professionals may need to write a case study once in their life. Students who are doing Master’s in a particular field need to conduct research, and a case study is a preferable research method. There are two approaches for doing a case study.

Two Approaches to Case Studies

There are two types of case studies:

  1. Problem Oriented Approach
  2. Analytical Approach.

What is the difference between the two approaches?The analytical approach aims to understand the core reason for the problem. It is not necessary to identify problems or come to a conclusion.The Problem Oriented approach identifies the problems and seeks for the appropriate solutions.

How to Pick the Right Approach for your Case Study?

Most students and researchers are in a dilemma as to which approach is better for the case study. If you are a student, you must seek guidance from your professor. There are certain topics, which would require you to do a problem-oriented case study.

Pick a Relevant Topic

Spend time in the library to read about the topic that you have chosen. Are you getting enough sources? Are you getting enough information about the topic? You need to read a lot in order to find good case study topics. You can find information related to the subject online and go through some interesting case study topics. Sociologists can find numerous relevant topics as there are many issues that need to be studied closely. Picking the right topic could be a tough task but you must do it nevertheless. Choose a topic, which is relevant and demands attention here and now.

How to use the Problem Oriented Approach for the Case Study?

If you are choosing the problem-oriented approach, you will have to start by relating the theory to a real life or practical situation. If you are picking domestic violence as the subject, you will have to find a person who is going through it in real life. Next step is to identify the problem. You need to come with solutions for the core problem. It is important to recommend the solution and then talk about how it should be implemented.

A problem-oriented approach covers the following:

  1. Synopsis
  2. Findings
  3. Discussion
  4. Conclusion
  5. Recommendation
  6. Implementation
  7. References (very important)
  8. Appendices

How to Use Questionnaires

You would need to use surveys for your case study, which will improve the foundation of it. A questionnaire for case study can be open-ended or close-ended. Once the survey phase is complete, you can interview a participant. Do not ask uncomfortable questions as participants might not answer them with pure honesty. Seek for final approval from the interviewee, as that will be the last stage of your case study.

The final case study results should be shared with the participant.

Tips to Do a Successful Case Study

  • You can skim through journals, books, and other case studies. This will help you to find relevant topics for your case study. You need to underline the key issues and make notes. You would need to uncover all the possible solutions that are related to the case study.
  • It is important to choose the right candidate for your case study.

    You need a plan as well as permission for conducting the case study on a person. Go through case study examples for reference.

  • You need to carry out interviews yourself, as that will give you a clear idea about the problems related to the case. You can find numerous sample case studies for interviews to get a better idea.
  • Use open-ended questionnaires, as they are the ideal for case studies.
  • Analyze the problem once you have collected all the data.

  • Outline the purpose of the case study in the questionnaire.
  • The participants ought to know whether their identity will be confidential or not.

It is important for you to follow a proper format and analyze the problem by collecting relevant data. Once you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to perform a brilliant case study.