A Case Study on Evaluating Personnel and Jobs Jointly with

Model gave detailed information on an organization.

Results showed that suggested formula and method could be used for small, medium or large companies easily, and allowed to evaluate two concepts together even there are any personnel and Jobs in an organization. Keywords: Fuzzy Sets, Personnel Evaluation, Job Evaluation, Human Resources, Human Capital (Received 2 November 2008; Accepted in revised form 24 January 2011) Human capital is the most important and useful components for organizations in competition area.

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To support the organization effectively, management information system (MIS) managers must manage their human resources effectively (Chem. et. Al.

, 2005). Making the right decisions about human resources policies can determine success in companies (Canon‘ s et al. 2008). Like successful evaluation in an organization, the probability of a successful and timely completion of a project is also improved when decision makers choose employees with the skill and competency set that best matches the multi-criteria demands of the project (Shipley et al. 2009).

Nothing the realm of project management, it has been demonstrated that a fuzzy logic model could help in the selection of new product introductions (Shipley et al. , 1995) because it allows for subjective evaluation by the decision maker under conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity. The decision maker faces similar conditions when selecting project team members (Shipley et al. 2009).

In this research, personnel evaluation and Job evaluation processes determined together based on fuzzy set theory, at the beginning of the research, personnel evaluation and Job evaluation processes determined separately, current Jobs and personnel related to these Jobs classified according to their fuzzy distances, grouped in a scale table which was generated in this research, afterwards they compared according to their fuzzy distances and group numbers, and results were discussed.

Results showed that tizzy approach gave more detailed research opportunity within a Job group.

W using this method, it is possible to determine whether current personnel are able to Nor or not, even it is possible to determine position of a personnel in same Job group. Thus, some further suggestions were made according to results like education needing of company or staff, amount and quality of educations according to personnel evaluation criteria and Job evaluation factors, current position of Jobs etc.