A College Education Is Necessary for Success

In New York state alone a college education is required 61% of the time to even be considered for the job . Many people don’t realize that a college education is a great necessity and makes a huge difference. College helps prepare you for the real world by teaching responsibility skills and almost opens the door to many opportunities compared to just a high school graduate. A college education is truly necessary for success and is extremely useful.

College teaches great life skills like responsibility and the stamina to complete work and hand it in on time. 69% of people who attend college say that going to college has helped them grow and mature as people. College teaches responsibility to young adults by teaching them to hand in large amounts of work and being able to finish it on time as quality work. College also teaches interpersonal skills, according to Arthur Chickering’s 7 vectors development theory “developing mature and interpersonal relationships is one of the 7 stages students progress as they attend college”.College teaches social skills and responsibility that is used in everyday life. Today, most jobs in the U.

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S require at least a bachelor’s degree to be even be considered for the job. In April of 2013, the unemployment rate for a college graduate was a slim 3.6% compared to non college graduates that was at 7.6%. According to Henry Bienen, PHD, argues that a college education results in “Greater productivity, lower crimes, better health” when you have a college education.

Young people that are not engaged or interested in employment or educations are more likely to receive welfare than youth in general. A college education opens the door to endless opportunities and experiences that will benefit you throughout your life. 63% of people with a college education say that they now have the necessary education and training to advance in their career but, those who just graduated high school say that their education is very unuseful (46%). When you go to college you have the opportunities now to expand your career and make a higher income. College grads are most likely to receive on the job formal training and more access to technology greater anatomy and are able to advance their skills to improve their careers. When you go to college you also have many social experiences and you make a lot of memories with friends.

When students attend college they go to classes and socialize with many different people and learn from a variety of different teachers from different places. When you achieve a college education you most likely will make a higher income compared to an individual with only a highschool diploma. The pay gap between proves that people with a college education make 98% more an hour. The average wage for a college graduate is typically 32.60$ compared to a high school graduate who would only make on average 16.

50$.About 9 in 10 people with a bachelor’s degree say that they have already paid off their college loans and are successfully making a living. About 22% of only high school graduates are living in poverty and can not make enough money to support themselves. Many people who did not attend college say that college is simply too expensive and that it’s not worth it. When you attend college you make over 30,000 more per year compared to just a high school graduate.

86% of people who go to a college say that the education they received is a good useful investment, And most people who have had some college say that they are very satisfied with their career and the amount of money they are making. In today’s day and age it is almost impossible to support yourself with just a high school diploma. College is an extremely important necessity that can be used to improve your education and allows you to bring home a higher income every paycheck so you can support yourself and be happy with your career and enjoy what you do.