College essay: College Improves Life

When someone asks you what you’re doing tomorrow do you know all the time or is it I’ll figure it out later?My answer is normally I’ll figure it out, but speaking about long terms I know I can’t do that. When I think about my future, the question of college normally pops up and whether I’m planning on going or not.

So far in my family; Mom, Dad, Ian, soon Tessa, have all gone to college or are in college. Even knowing that it will be hard, I want to go. I want to have the opportunity for a better future. Going to college can have a big impact on my later life. Doesn’t that seem a little crazy that by learning more in depth my elementary through high school subjects that I have been taught my whole life, could do so much for me. This extra knowledge can impact my job opportunities, quality of life, family, and impressions I have on others.

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Most people go to a college that can teach them well about what they’re planning will be their future career. When finding people for jobs, the people hiring, would most likely want the person who can do the best in that field. Say I’m hiring, there is a guy who just got out of highschool and would like to work in my auto mechanic shop. He took some classes in highschool about cars and how they work. I also have this lady who just graduated from college and has a degree in auto mechanics or bodywork for cars.

Most likely I would chose the lady that went for extra schooling in this field and would know more than a highschool graduate. People who have college degrees get about fifty-six percent more money than a high school graduate says an article in USA Today. Going to college can give me a much better chance at having a stable job that provides enough money to be financially secure which I definitely want for my future.If I am secured financially this is a huge plus for my family. This could firstly clean up my student loans I might have from schooling and not have say my parents stuck trying to help or pay them off for me.

My family influences tons of decisions in my life ever since I have been little. From if I can get a ride to go to a sleepover or how they help with homework when I don’t understand. I know I’m going to be paying off my student loans from going to college but I also have my mother to help. She isn’t going to be paying all of it ,but her and Dad will help with some. Also, hopefully getting me out of college debt free by helping me find the right places to put my money.

I can have a much less stressful time with my future if I have my family to support me and the ability to support my future family. Going to college will put me closer with my family and keep me healthier with less stress.When I see a very pleasant looking person who just looks happy being in this world it really impacts me to feel just a bit happier. Being healthy can make anyone a happier person with less stress and this makes them look more pleasing to others. First impressions impact so much from job interviews to even a person you’re on a date with. If I’m going to make a first impression on someone new I want to look like a very nice, and well put together adult.

If I go to college I can possibly get two big impressions, the biggest one being that I’m smart and on top of things. If I were to start talking to people and tell them that I’m attending college their first response will be either “wow, good job” or “Impressive”. I will get a lovely response and they will think higher of me because I am doing something productive or successful with my life. There is however the other side people think of when you tell them you are in college. People like to party at college and do stupid things like getting drunk or even egging houses. While kids may think it’s cool, adults will think you are a bad kid and are wasting time and money.

I wouldn’t really get a good impression through that. Impressions will land me that new job or a new friend, perhaps so these decisions matter for my life after college. Making good impressions will get me farther in college and my future work place so I won’t be stupid with my college life or life in general.I’m going to college whether or not I want to. Getting a better education will give me better job opportunities, which I honestly don’t think is too bad. I will also know more about a field that I studied in college and that will guarantee me a better chance with jobs.

Through college my family is also going to be impacted and maybe even thought of as more respectable because their children have gone to college. Impressions of me when someone learns I went to college should be positive and in a way create a sustainable job opportunity to provide a better life for me. Thinking about my future college is top on the list. Go or don’t, but think of how the future is affected.