College Essay

A quality of mine that I find both common and uncommon in people is the ability to express myself with myself with my words. I believe people truly underestiamte the power they hold and wield when they open their mouths.

A witty quip can bring forth laughter from people,while a cutting remark can make a person feel the sting of embarrassment.Words said in anger can ruin lives. But what I wish,as I hope many do, is to inspire people with my voice. To be able to eloquently and thoroughly inspire.To move them in a way like none other.To have the gift of inspiring others to feel,to act,and to compel them to listen to your voice.

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To help people better understand one another and live in a more kind and understanding world.People shouldn’t and should not have to use violence to be heard.To be lost in a cold and unfeeling void. A talent I hope to inspire others pursue is to be heard.