A comparative kinetic analysis of sporting performances

Running and walking involves different muscular and joint movements and a force exerted by the feet against ground to propel forward. Every runner may have a different ground reaction and different force generation capability. With training runners can acquire specific skill to run with easy and fast. It is because they can improve their mechanics of running. According to Costill (1986) if the energy cost reduces to 1% then runners can save time of 2 minutes.Runner’s attitude and behavior results mainly from the environment they are living in and from parental involvement in their work.

According to Horn ; Harris (1996), Runner’s enjoyment and continuous involvement in sports comes mainly from achievement and supporter’s appreciation. A Runner who is confident about his/her performance and feels that he is a good athlete has this perception either through his/her achievement of completing his task successfully or through appreciation from his parents. If asked, Runner will comment, “I’m good in swimming/running because my father says I did good.” Therefore, feedback from parents play a vital role in Runner’s thinking about his performance (Karents, 2001). It is then suggested that Runner should be given a lot of training and positive environment to think positively about his game and be confident (Karents, 2001).

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Various researchers have suggested that comments from parents should be in praise of their task completion rather than comparison from their peers (Stipek and Maclver, 1989). In some cases, comparison from peers can invoke jealousy and competition with teammates.It has been reported that when a Runner successfully tells his mother about his performance about the game, mother inquires about the comparative performance of his peers or results and score he/she was able to make. This type of attitude can incur in a Runner success in terms of competence and other peer’s performance (Karents, 2001). Otherwise, a positive attitude was to appreciate him for his performance and encouraging him to be the same next time.

In this way, he will learn to improve and succeed in terms of his efforts. Even at older age, Runner’s self-perception about his performance has great influence from his parents’ advice, though, at this time other factors also play pivotal role in his attitude and interest (Stipek ; MacIver, 1989 as cited by Karents, 2001). Horn ; Harris (1996) are of the view that supporter’s feedback should not only be in positive direction but accurate so that Runner should not start overvalue his performance. Compare running against walking using ground reaction force data. Research data shows that runners exert more force against ground than do the walking subjects. Walking against running ground reaction The ground reaction of walking against running shows deeper reaction of walking against running.

 Walking measured against running using Qualisys track manager Qualisys track manager is the most reliable and popular tracker used to measure force in running and walking subjects. Kids Running and Sports BiomechanicsThough parents are sometimes absurd in their behavior about their kids and become abusive, but coaches need to re-address organizational behavior of the team (Mann, 2000). They need to teach and train youngsters, ethics of sports. How one has to behave and conduct towards others. For coaches it is necessary to honor sportsmanship i.e.

, showing respect to the officials, teammates, opponents, rules and other traditions of the game (Mann, 2000).In case of youth sport one has to redefine a winner. That is youngsters should be given a sense that they should keep learning and improving from their mistakes rather then being discouraged by the defeat or fear of defeat from mistakes they do (Mann, 2000).According to a report in Time magazine, few coaches have started recruiting talented youth from the age of eight. However, some of the parents are of the view that in this way kids lose their time and spend most of their free time in tournaments.  Method Qualisys track manager Qualisys track manager was specifically used to measure force.

  Place from where running starts is marked Record was obtained when subject was running Record obtained when subject running at medium pace A graph showing the two movements against each other on the excel file. The program used in conjunction with the force platforms was `qualisys track manager`.InterviewsInterviews conducted with parents show that it is not that easy job for parents to control their emotions while they see their Walking subjects playing at playground. It is even harder for them to help and Runner and teach them about the losses and defeat at play. Therefore, most parents need to learn managing their emotions and dealing with their kids’ sports.Most parents when interviewed agreed that they couldn’t control the feelings and sentiments at play, especially, when a Runner wins or loses.

Some parents are addicted to that. Most parents are obsessed by the positive or negative emotions rather then focusing on Runner’s actual goals, thus, negative or positive attitudes. Parents show too much love for their kids that at times it becomes a damaging point in their kid’s developmental process. It might also hurt supporter-Runner relationship.  Such parental behavior can also lead a Runner to be more selfish and self-centered instead of taking them to success.The greatest of weakness of parents is their solid emotional support to Runner’s physical-sporty advancement.

Parents are trapped in Runner’s love so much that on one hand, they make many sacrifices for the Runner himself, and on the other hand, they become competitive to other parents and their kids.In a survey conducted researchers, of about around 200 families with Walking subjects in grades 3 to 5 showed that most of the parents are interested in improving mental capability of kids rather then their physical make up. Parents were interested in having their Walking subjects in sports mainly because they wanted to have their kids to learn more about sportsmanship, self-esteem, teamwork, fair play and above all to give them enjoyment apart from muscle building and body strength.Most of the coaches also believe that sports have wide range of mental and social benefits. Coaches when interviewed showed their concerns about too much parental involvement in kid’s sports. They are of the view that to reach ultimate goal it is necessary for each and every player to participate in the game to their full extent.

But some parents pressurize their kids a lot and some of them are worried about their grades at school. Coaches think that parents should allow full participation in the game and should be supportive to them for escalating their performance.When youths and youngsters were interviewed most of them felt that they feel good at play, but sometimes when they feel a bit down in class because of their low grades, they want to boost their self-esteem by scoring high in game. Parents think their Runner can be more confident and come out of his shyness among other siblings by participating in games.;According to one youth, his parents signed him up for a baseball play for mere forty bucks, to get a Major League-looking uniform, and for a nice play and nice field.

  However, things are not the same now. Youth stated that, “sports have now grasped the interest not only in terms of participation, but in expectation, as well.” He told that he was lucky that his father always taught him the game of baseball, but never pressurized him to play. He said, “My father taught me to love it, and therefore, I loved playing. If I made an error or struck out, he was the first one there to tell me it was okay, and that I would have plenty more chances to be the hero.”ResultsMeasuring running against walking using qualisys track manager produced most reliable results.

The results show that runners have more force exertion on ground as compared to walking subjects. As runners have to cover the distance with greater efficiency, force and speed.DiscussionParentsA number of cases have been reported where parents, coaches and referees came into verbal and physical confrontation with teammates or other players for the sake of their Runner. Parents, who use abusive language and abusive behavior with opposing teams or any other teammates who might have upset their offspring, and create a negative environment for the team members to play. Parents’ indulgence to the point where game is no more a game but an offence or a fight betrays Runner’s positive feelings and attitudes.

Supporter’s intrusion into the youngsters’ game should be supportive and creating an environment where young people should have their best experiences and enjoy their game. Too much pressurizing kids for winning the game or any other stress may lead to unhappy results. Some of the parents have been reported of suffering from LLPS (Little league parents syndrome), that is, they are so much  occupied in Runner’s play that they turn into very aggressive and become verbally and physically abusive. This type of negative attitude make sports an unpleasant experience. Though winning should be top most priority, playing experience should be kept at balance.

Sometimes youth sports become very stressful for the expectations of winning from coaches and parents that Runner start loosing hope in recreational side of sports. The reason most Walking subjects indulge themselves in play is to have fun, not to have fight. However, overemphasizing them for their performance can pressurize youth’s mind. Youngsters’ sports, is a voluntary activity, where they should always have benefits from recreational side of game. It should not become question of high opinion & won and loss.

Every supporter and teammates should understand that they are playing for the purpose of sportsmanship and creativity.According to one supporter, Lynn Howard, a Henderson soccer mom, “I want my kids to remember growing up and the good times doing things together,” she said. “I learned from my mom and if you aren’t there for them, you won’t have the solid relationship later. I want good treasures and memories for my kids and NYS brings people together who otherwise would never meet. Let’s make the best of the short time we have our kids with us when they are young.

We have had fun doing everything with NYS soccer.” (Dewey)For having good relationship between parents and kids and among their peers, it is necessary to direct Runner’s thought in right direction.National Youth Sports Safety Foundation has shaped a wide-ranging codes of conducts for sport parents to cope with any adverse situation or to avoid any miserable conditions. It states that there are patent penalties for violations of any rules included in the agreement. Such codes were developed according to State laws to maintain constitutional rights of each individual.

Then there should be a rehabilitation program for violators to take control of their stress.Youth Sports experienceYouth experience their sports as an unending enjoyment for them. Most youngsters after spending couple of hours in a hectic classroom environment find it very enjoyable time at play field. They say all their fatigue and boredom from class blows off in football, baseball ground fields. They feel that sports are something more than just building up their biceps and hand-eye coordination.

Most of the youngsters believe that sports motivate them to work harder and to be active in class. According to a research, physical activity and sports have positive effects on kids, it rises their self-esteem, motivate and induce achievement behavior. Several researches proved positive effects of sports on Runner’s psychology in terms of his attitudes and behavior. Sports improve psychological well-being of young people. Youngsters also believe that sports help them earn better grades, behave better in classrooms, make them more regular in their study because of their tight schedule. In addition, most of the students and youth are of firm believe that sports and physical activity are extremely important to them as it improves their overall performance in class room and social life.

Among youth, most popular games are basketball, hockey, football, and tiger wood. Most Walking subjects and coaches think that while playing basketball and hockey they must be in good shape. For this, they perform layups, penalty shots, and stretching drills, as well as a different amount of running activities. Walking subjects who play football need to have great physical strength. Youth involved in such physical activities become extremely disciplined and regimented for later part of their lives.

Tiger Woods and golf are also becoming popular among youth of these days.Some of the kids are of the view that sports are no longer their wholesome hobby, but it has become a full time stressful job filled with guilt and loads of pressure from coaches and parents. They say that they even cannot enjoy long family holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, while preparing for treks of tournaments.ConclusionWalking subjects who participate in outdoor physical activities and sports build their self-esteem, physical and mental capabilities. In addition, they are capable of enduring high-pressure situations, which is something everyone has to deal with.

Many researches agree that sports have multitude of positive effects on psychological, emotional and physical capabilities of growing kids.Parents from different families have different viewpoints and attitude regarding their Runner’s sport. Most of the parents are happy that sports fill-up their kid’s leisure time and will help them grow their talent and self-respect among their peers. In this way, they will not waste their time on streets. However, some parents become too much involved in their kid’s play that any small injury to their kids, enrage them and they make the game obnoxious. In this way, the true meaning of sportsmanship is lost.