Race, Ethnicity, and Sporting Difference

For a very long time now, sports and racism have been linked together.

Racism has been the most striking feature in sports in history and is still in existence today. There has been need for different organizations to put down rules and regulations that help in doing away with this issue. During the Olympic Games and sports held in various parts of the world issues of racism comes out very clearly. There are ideas that have been put forward by different people which express the extent of racism in the world of sports, for example Hitler put forward various thoughts that described the nature of white man. He says that they are Supreme as compared to other groups of people in the world. The main reason why issues of racism appear in sports activity is because sport is used to reflect the society; it therefore has the main task of depicting the levels of inequalities prejudices and stereotypes that are there in various communities in the world.Racism in sporting activities may have both positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects include the fact that there has been great concern for concern public and cultural uniqueness is mainly shown through sporting activities. This is because sporting is one of the most clear and outspoken ways in which multiculturalism is revealed.

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Another major impact of racism is the idea of giving individuals especially those regarded to be of less ability as compared to others the urge to work hard so as to change the perception that people have.The negative effect of racism in sporting activities is the fact that racism has demoralized most players who could have done a lot to their countries. Most of the players have held the belief that a certain type of play was meant for some race and this discourages them from engaging in the activities. In conclusion, various measures have to be put in place to fight the whole idea of racism in sporting and other physical activities. Racist acts should not be given any chance to manifest itself in any form.