A Day in the Life of an American Teenager

Parents think that kids have it easy because we don’t have to pay any bills or work at a job. Did they ever think about teens? We spend 5 days a week sitting in desks at school. We have to listen to our teachers boring lectures and get good grades to impress our parents. Parents wonder why teens get in so much trouble, do drugs, run away, or commit suicide.

It is because teens have severely high stress levels usually caused by families. The people who are considered “good” and never break the rules, tend to be the worst kids. These teens are the ones who are obsessed with impressing their parents. If they are really bad, they may have a melt down if they get a 99%. No one should have to go through the his stress.

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Yes, parents do work and pay bills but they aren’t bossed around and forced to do school work. Teens should be able to get a B every once and a while, or sit around and watch TV, or even just relax for once. Children are tired because they stay up late so they can do what they want. They go into their rooms so they can get away from the yelling and the madness. Nobody actually wants to be alone. If they are breaking the rules, it’s because they want some attention for once.

Don’t think that just because teens are older that they don’t want to be with their families and make their parents proud, but it is up to the parents to give them love and support.