A Different World

Abstract This project will not change people’s perspective.

Many cultures and people have their own way; the author just hopes to open others’ minds and hopes people can see the world a different way. Throughout this project, the author has gained knowledge of many things that involve gender roles.It is something so beautiful that many people should have more knowledge of; many books and novels have many facts and many examples of what this project is trying to reflect on the world. The method of this project is to show other people’s perspective and view of the world.Wouldn’t it be great to make a difference and see how the world will be without so many rules and with treating everyone equally, and how throughout the years, people have changed, and there is a movement happening? A Different World Gender roles have been a problem for many years.

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It seems as though the women and men have to be separated. This is probably due to society and men and women being controlled by how everything is supposed to “perfect.” What is gender roles in exact “Gender roles are sets of culturally defined behaviors such as masculinity and femininity? In most cultures, this binary division of gender is roughly associated with biological sex—male or female.” (Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender.) The author would like to have her voice heard and wants to let the world open their eyes and see how gender roles are controlling, how because of others gender they are paid more or less, or treated more or less well.

An example of it is “The House on Mango Street”the chapter “Hips”, Esperanza, and her friends anticipate getting hips; Nenny is not interested, “She is in a world we don’t belong to any more” (Cisneros 34). What Sandra Cisneros meant to say in this chapter is how girls at such a young age would be told that they were supposed to have babies;that’s the reason why they have hips to be able to hold a baby. In The House on Mango Street in the chapter “The First Job.”Esperanza just started to work, and an old man took advantage of her because she was a “girl” it was a small kissed, but he still did it, “He grabs my face hard and doesn’t let go” (Cisneros 21); this is how controlling genders are. He is a man and it seems as if it’s alright to do that, to take away a little girl’s innocence, The House on Mango Street shows a perfect representation of gender roles being controlling. Through the author’s research, the author has found that gender roles have been like this for generations.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott wrote “The Great Gatsby” we see how gender roles are controlling.In chapter 5 when Gatsby show daisy where he lives and how rich he is but daisy she knew who the real Gatsby was, Gatsby was poor and he saw the figure of other manequallyand that’s how he was supposed to be rich and with his desired wifeman were supposed to have luxurious houses and wifes and they couldn’t show their emotions because they are men and men do cry that’s what they have to tell boys for years that it’s alright to hold things in and it’s never good to show affection or anything to anyone, they have also told them that they are the ones that are supposed to go and work and they are the ones that are supposed to be strong for their family . In this world we are supposed to be a certain way because of the gender people were born wouldn’t it be great to change that. (Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender.

). 2007have done researched about gender roles and how gender roles are decided by someone’s physical appearance and intelligence and aggression, strength “Gender roles seem to reflect the biological roles of reproduction as well as degrees of relative physical strength and other perceived qualities such as the ability to nurture, intelligence, and aggression. The world has put a point of view on each other and how people are supposed to act and how to be because of their gender, now many women, man have come out as transgender and have shown that the world will not control their gender and will not control the way they’re supposed to be or the way they are supposed to act , gender roles is an idea society has put in our heads .Gender roles have been labeled by the behaviors of the gender “The term gender role is used to signify all those things that a person says or does to disclose himself or herself as having the status of boy or man, girl or woman, respectively. It includes, but is not restricted to, sexuality in the sense of eroticism.

“—(John Money psychologistand sexologist 1921-2006.) Of Course men are stronger and most of the time men are taller, because of those characteristics of a “means” body that’s why they are called men and they are more masculine they don’t show affection or their feelings , a women has curves and is more feminine they show more affection and more emotion men are not “supposed” to because then they are called “girly” or nasty names. In many cultures, man is taught to take care of their wives, and family and are supposed to act tough why can’t women do that? take care of the family be the strong one be the one working for hours just like a man because society has made this perfect world and this perfect way to do things. How is gender roles controlling, women don’t get paid the exact same amount as men do and adjust gender wap that is 4.8 and 7.

1 percent in this cases (Cynthia Sanner 126) said that ” A greater percentage of women than men tend to work part-time.Part-time work tends to pay less than full-time their. Most women in the workforce seem to leave because of child care of labor, single mothers tend to value “Family” “Friend” more than men do.”The world doesn’t want to hear the womens voice the right to get the equality that they deserve as women , women don’t have a say on their paychecks the only reason men or even women do that to other women is because of their gender because no one wants to see anyone succeed or do better and it isn’t right everyone should help each other even if its 1% women and men are Equal that one percent more that men have for example that’s the 1% women should getWomen are paid less because of their gender. The qualities and behaviors considered appropriate to each gender change through history and from culture to culture.

What is permitted in different countries and different cultures are different some are the men are dominant and women don’t get to speak or have an opinion about anything, some are men allow women to do certain things.sexologists such as Havelock Ellis (1859–1939) and psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) they became more and more interested in the “norms” of gender roles , this has been something that has been spoken not only in the 21st Century but for many Centuries it hasn’t been really spoken about . Claire Cain Miller writes about gender, families, and the future of work for the Upshot, a New York Times, she argues that the pay gap should change because not every woman is married or has a child and ven because they are women they are counted money off because of those “excuses” which are some women are married and do have children but no ever single women dpes and this relates to the topic because o how controlling ” gender roles “.women get paid less with something that has no proof or no back up to it, like the author said before not every woman is married nor have children but yet they get the wage gap all because they are women , ity has always been like that so corporations and men do the reason so why change it ? because women have the same rights as men do. People can’t let gender control everyone and tell others what’s right and wrong people should have some type of humanity to know that women should be treated equally. In the 1950’s women would be treated as less as if their voices didn’t matter all they were able to do is have a baby and cook which it is not fair, now in 2018 many people are coming out as trans which the author had said before trans people are showing that their gender will not control them and will not putthem down and they will not stay quiet women and men, trans are all equal don’t let gender role control society.

Gender preferences are connected to one’s biological sex, “it is discriminatory and degrading for toy catalogs to show girls playing with tea sets and boys with Nerf guns”(Christina H.21). Since people were younger people have been trained to play with a certain toy because of their gender but why? why aren’t kids allowed to choose the toy they want to play with, adults, T.V and other social media’s control people because that’s the way the world has always been and everyone is scared of “difference”.They say that the toy catalog will disappear in a few years they have tried to make a girl play with a truck but somehow they play with it like if it was a baby ( Professor Geary.23).

The reason of that is because of biology it all has to do with your hormonal environment .”Gender roles seem to reflect the biological roles of reproduction as well as degrees of relative physical strength and other perceived qualities such as the ability to nurture, intelligence, and aggression. In the context of reproduction, gender roles seem both natural and essential; that is, the qualities attributed to appropriate gender presentations are understood as an effect of a person’s biological sex.”(Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender).Now that scientist are researching many things now teres way to block your hormones to be able to change the gender you would like but society cant tell people how to act and what they cant do it is 2018 man and women are equal and deserve the same rightthe same respect, the same pay and be treated the same. they were able to do is have a baby and cook which it is not fair, now in 2018 many people are coming out as trans which the author had said before trans people are showing that their gender will not control them and will not putthem down and they will not stay quiet women and men, trans are all equal don’t let gender role control society.

In the book ” Raisin in the Sun” we see the difference of genders, the whole family had to deal with racial profiling and the anticipate a massive change gender role and the sexual revolution. Beneath gets judged because she says she might never get married and everyone gets worried because that’s not how they have been raise women were supposed to get married and have children at that time but Beneatha she wanted to be a doctor and being able to have her own thing.Mama and Ruth are more knowledgeable of marriage since they have married to the same person for a long time they represent what the author calls the controlling of gender roles.Many books have shown examples and facts of how controlling gender roles are and the author hopes to keep this movement going to being able to remove the control of gender roles. Annotated Bibliographies Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street.

New York: Vintage, 1991. The reason this book will help with this project because it gives out examples on how gender roles have been controlling. This book has a lot of poetry and a lot of symbolism which is really beautiful because not only does it tell one story but tells many stories for one whole story . Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby.

New York: Scribner, 2004. Print.This beautiful and outstanding novel has many symbolic words and symbolic acts which show the meaning of the book. Not only does this book give out examples but gives out facts that gender roles have been controlling for years and it needs a stop to it , or at least a movement of gender controlling. J.

Charles Washington ‘A Raisin in the Sun Revisited 8 pp publication Details: Black American Literature Forum 22.1 (Spring 1988): 109-124.The reason this program work really well with the project is because it is bases on real life story of many people that live in Chicago It shows the background of gender controlling and how it has changed but yet we still see it innowadays the author feels like this book will really emphasize the meaning of gender roles and it will really enforce what the author is really trying to say because it’s not only going to have a point of view from the author is going to have a point of view from the book. Sanner Cynthia publisher of gender roles / edited by Noel merino book editor. Page cm–(Opposing viewpoints)The book is a really useful tool because not only d9oes it talk about gender roles but it talks about the problems and it shows facts that scientist have seen and researched about, this book is really amazing just by itself it has a lot of sources you can see and it gets right to the point