World War Case Study

World War Two After reading on these eight women I have chosen to do my compare and contrast from this Library of Congress Exhibition of Women in World War II story which was detailed with photography to tell their stories; for others to not only read their story, but to experience it through visual documentation.

These three women, Toni Fritters, Esther Bubble and There’s Boney were able to connect with millions of people through their images that they documented.

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From Toni Frill’s pictures you were able to see how a nurse performed her duties, the actions of soldiers on the front lines, children who were made instant orphans as a result of war and the daily struggles of African-Americans and Women in the war. Esther Bubblers pictures Newer centered on life back home around people doing their part for the war effort, life in the nation’s capital. There’s Bonnet’s pictures were really felt with her touching on how the damage of war affected innocent adults and children who were feet homeless and struggle to find food and shelter.

There’s Bonnet’s mission was to tell truth of what she say through her words and pictures, with the hope that it would make others see the reality of war from a personal point of view. She had felt that Nor War II was a threat to European Civilization and this was her way to show the depth behind her words.

On the other hand Esther Bubble thought it more prudent to focus on the American side and show how the nation prepared for war, show aging civilians working with our military to achieve the common goal of winning the Near and more importantly supporting the troops.