A Formal Analysis of Lindt’s Advertisement

A Formal Analysis of Lindt’s Advertisement This is an advertisement of a renowned Swiss chocolate company, Lindt.

What is being advertised is the company’s well-known product, Lindor. It is a chocolate truffle with a hard chocolate shell and a smooth chocolate filling. The ad is composed of several objects: In the foreground of the image, a chocolate truffle with chocolate filling pouring into it is placed on a marble table; in the background, a chocolate maker with only his half face shown is gazing at the truffle. A sentence “CREATING THE PERFECT GIFT IS A gift IN INSELF. and a box of Lindor can be seen at the bottom of the advertisement. In this image, different outlines are used to show various shapes of objects.

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For example, curved lines create a ball shape for the chocolate truffle; the table has a rectangular shape because of its straight horizontal outline; and the chocolate filling looks like a water column due to its vertical outlines. As for colors, Earth tones and white hues are primarily adopted. In spite of the chocolate truffle, both the background and the eyes of the chocolate maker are brown so that the theme of “chocolate” is more outstanding.

The table and the chocolate maker’s costume are in white that they serve as a strong contrast to protrude the brown chocolate. Also, the objects’ colors in this image are shade, saturated and brilliant, especially the red box of Lindor. Three-dimensionality is embodied perfectly by the good coherence of light and value.

The chocolate truffle is of lighter colors on the right and darker colors on the left. Highlight, light, shadow and cast shadow are also used, giving the truffle a 3D sphere form.

Gradations of value create strong three-dimensionality for the chocolate filling and the chocolate maker as well. Moreover, the image adopts amplified perspective to give the chocolate a dramatic emphasis. The advertisement tries to persuade viewers to buy Lindor by creating a luxurious feeling and emphasizing the high quality of their chocolate. It promotes Lindor as the best gift.

This message is conveyed in several ways. Firstly, the chocolate truffle is obviously the protagonist in this ad since it is large. It incorporates more than one-fourth of the image.

The chocolate filling is being poured into the chocolate shell and a swirl is made. The light and value on the truffle and the filling create a smooth, rich texture for the chocolate, suggesting that this is a delectable chocolate and tempting viewers to taste it.

Secondly, the chocolate maker is intently looking at the chocolate truffle. His affirmative and serious expression implies that the production process of Lindor is exquisite, delicate and accurate as their chocolate makers make chocolate whole-heartedly. Therefore their chocolate must be of the highest quality.

What is more, a further emphasis is put on the chocolate truffle as the chocolate maker’s eyes lead viewers to focus on it again. Thirdly, the image advertises Lindor as a luxurious chocolate by using grand objects.

For instance, the marble table, the golden logo “Lindt” on the hat of the chocolate maker, and the elegant package of the box of Lindor. All these would give the viewers a feeling of wealth and high-status, which lure them to possess the product. Fourthly, the text “CREATING THE PERFECT GIFT IS A gift IN INSELF. ” has two meanings.

It stresses that Lindor is the best option while you need to choose a gift for others.

Besides, Lindor is actually a perfect gift given to all people by Lindt’s sincere chocolate makers. Fifthly, the red box of Lindor at the ad’s bottom part creates a celebration atmosphere, which further encourages viewers to buy it as a gift. In a nutshell, this advertisement promotes Lindor as the best gift without imperfections. It should be drawn upon the luxurious life style of people who live in wealthier cities, where people love spending money on gifts. The ad should be able to draw consumers’ attention easily.