Extreme Polo Sport Advertisement

It goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The phrase in essence means that the message spoken by a mere image can be far much complex and meaningful than it appears. With this knowledge, advertisers have undertaken to present their images in a brief yet adequately informative and enticing way. Images occupy less space yet speak volumes about the subject in hand. In the wake of all this, the advertising industry has been dogged with controversies of alteration of images. Photo retouching has emerged as a lucrative career all of a sudden.

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Nevertheless, credit is necessary to the few magazines and other print and visual media that have succeeded in presenting their advertisement cases truthfully and appealingly. Extreme Polo Sport is a fragrance designed particularly for men. For this reason, it is not a coincidence that it hugely reflects a masculine nature. Furthermore, the image of the advertisement features in FHM, a magazine widely considered a male publication. The advertisement combines different signs and icons, and together with the background setting presents a well-orchestrated and defined message. The subject of the image is a skydiver.

Skydiving is a sport that is predominant in the West. The use of the skydiver character, therefore, enhances the aesthetic appeal, enabling the intended audience, which is again predominately a man from the West to relate to the image. It has a cultural backing. The image of the product is set on a different page altogether and is projected larger than it actually is. The setting of the two images on different pages gives the reader the opportunity to join the dots and relate the images.

It creates a massive impact and a long-lasting impression of the product. The images employ the use of masculine colors. Black, dark blue and red colors are borne on the image of the subject while a silvery metallic color with a coarse top is the hallmark of the image of the product. Employment of the use of the masculine colors, a masculine subject and a masculine sport together present the intended image comprehensively. Further, the brief message “Introducing the new Men’s Fragrance Extreme Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren” caps up the advertisement.