‘‘Extreme Fighting’’ and the Morals of the Marketplace: An Evaluation

The demands of market place are the only deciding factor for the promotion of certain kinds of entertaining threads. In some cases these demands are so huge that the moral aspects are ignored and monetary profits are more encouraged. In concern to the subject of “extreme fighting” initiated and followed by people, there is some obvious opposition. There are people including the writer, who are trying to find a justification in favor of these fighting. The concerns are about the status of the combatants who are used for such fighting and are considered as money making sources for both the sponsors.

The approach of the essay is to look into all those aspects that are involved for the purpose of managing and encouraging different kinds of “extreme fighting” in the society. It has been discovered that though very few offers permission for these fights, yet that seems to be enough to generate exclusive amount of money for the sponsors. In the words of the author –‘One permissive state is enough to make this a flourishing amusement on pay-per preview television. Three months ago about 300,000 subscribers paid twenty dollars each to see the seventh Ultimate Fighting Championship.’ p. 522In such circumstances six states have granted permission for such kinds of spectacle.

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In these states the activities related to “extreme fighting” has been legalized. This is definitely immoral and there is the need for social opposition against such speculations. People in general should oppose these kinds of fights. I totally agree with the initiative taken by the writer in creating consciousness against these fights and support the process of encouraging the moral need against these activities.It is noteworthy to consider the concern of legally authorized people against “extreme fighting”. As per the verdicts of McCain, the damages led over the combatants are in general a great matter of concern.

Added to this is the act of ‘glorifying cruelty’ that needs to stop. On the other hand, the managers from Washington are much concerned about ludicrous virtues, but declare that “extreme fighting” forces are very much commercially aware and know to draw the line. This is however, is definitely an immoral aspect that needs to get opposed in public. However, when few people are against these fights, there are few more that are ready to generate these entertainment ventures. As it is a mode of generating lots of money, there are always abundances of people to support its promotional aspects.

The author is very true in declaring that the concern f the sponsors and even the political and legal domains are in its favor. This inspires these fights to go more public.In the last part of the essay, the author mentions about the independence of ‘Customer Sovereignty’. Under this terminology the spectator is free to see whatever he likes. Preferences related to kinds of fights, thus cannot be banned.

However, here I would like to refer to the aspects of marketing management where the interest of the customer can be manipulated in more positive way. This is though a tough job and was possible before the introduction of entertainments related by “extreme fighting”. Concerns of ‘Customer Sovereignty’ need to get handled by legal proceedings under some strict regulations. If the government offers some strict regulations over these activities and restricts the process of broadcasting these fights over television, then I presume there will be some moral responsibilities offered to the society against these cruel modes of practices. As for now there can be some restrictions led over the investments and promotions of these fights. People in general need to get aware of the extremities of these fights over the psychology of children and youths.