Case Study: Business Morals and Ethics

They want Amino to Just ћclose one eye” and not reveal to anyone. Ethical / Legal Whether Good Food Packaging Suppliers should continue their business that will harm human health. (Manufacture of polystyrene, plastic and foam food containers.

) Whether Amino”s actions to discuss with the management pertaining the harmful products giving the right pressure to the managements? Whether Management decision to ignore the negative impact of the product to the customers” health since there has no enforcement of rule and regulation by authority? Whether ethical for the management to instruct Amino not to revealing the facts even though they fully aware of the negative impact of the products? Whether ethical if Amino decide to neglect the management order? Analysis Refer to the customers confidence issues, management does not take the ethical responsibility to ensure that customers are treated fairly and that no harm comes to customers as a result of using the company”s polystyrene. Customer confidence Issues are revolving around fairness, honesty and respect for others in this dilemma.

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Customer relationships cannot survive without trust. The conflicts of interest arises “hen Amino continue to reveal the impact of polystyrene that has separated her interests from what the business dealings. The managements has not overcome the potential conflicts of interest if continuing providing polystyrene to the customers. Amine’s responses in this case: Refer to Virtue concept, Amino emphasizes her individual moral standards and her obligation to act as a high integrity Environment Quality Senior Manager.

Ninth the professional community, she has been putting her efforts to develop the ethical norms and standard of conducts. Description Focus more on the integrity of the moral actor than on the moral act itself. Considers primarily the actor’s character, motivation and intentions. Character is very much defined by one’s community Related Issues Miriam thinking of reveal the relative facts externally to the ministry WHY?

To perform the obligation of Theory Virtue Ethics Useful in determining the ethnic of an individual who moral and integrity work Ninth professional community that has well developed norms and standards of conduct GSM 5131 BUSINESS LAW & ETHICS 5 Con’s: Refer to Utilitarianism concept, Amino is required to consider the management decision under majority votes to give the priority to the benefits of remaining polystyrene as the main sources of company revenue because white offing issues was considered Just rumors without strong Justification from authorities.

Thus, it promotes the greatest good for the greatest number which assumed to be the best solution at this moment. Theory Utilitarianism Description Focus on consequences- attention on the result or consequences of the decision or action Related Issues Management of the company decided to “close one eye” principle of utility -ethical decision should maximize WHY? Benefit to society and minimize harms.

More good consequences than bad. Continue produced polystyrene Nil give more benefit than cost and polystyrene were main sources of revenue for many.