Case Study on Business Ethics

Business Ethics Case Study:

Business ethics is the set of norms which an intelligent businessman is expected to possess to maintain the proper working atmosphere in his company. Every business, from a small firm to a great corporation consists of the live employees with their own feeling, emotions and traits of character.

Every human being is unique and requires his own conditions to feel comfortable and emotionally convenient. Business ethics is the branch of ethics which is supposed to teach businessman treat their employees with respect and care. In the modern world people are considered to be equal and everybody deserves friendly positive attitude, a good encouraging word and a piece of advice. Business ethics has the task to help employers create proper working conditions and set appropriate working conditions for his employees. He has to prevent stressful situations, and help people solve their problems.

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Business ethics includes a wide range of disciplines and branches, like sociology, finance, management strategy, human resource management, job satisfaction, employee relations, etc. These disciplines work together to solve problems with can occur in the business environment effectively without serious consequences. Due to the business ethics one can make employees work harder, with passion without losing their satisfaction with job.Business ethics is the moral basis of the proper development of business and its successful functioning. Unfortunately, many companies forget about business ethics having the desire to raise their profits and this phenomenon becomes more and more frequent.

The well known example of the loss of business ethics is connected with advertising. In order to attract clients some companies use inappropriate methods and techniques based on psychology and applying to human emotions.Of course, it is only the top of the iceberg and one will manage to find more examples during the more scrupulous research. A case study is a high school or college and university paper which is based on the research of a certain problem related to the general topic of business ethics. A student should devote time to investigate the factors which caused the problem, understand its reasons, research the case site and analyze the effect or consequences of the problem.

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