Business Ethics Case Study

According to me, the employees and managers, the residents of the Pleasantries are true stakeholders of the company. Rhea General Manufacturers was initially run by the town people, employees and it is running by the town people in present as well. The contribution of the town people in running the company is very important and that is why company owes them the bib security. Since, company is the prime source of earning for the town people; it is Meany’s ethical responsibility to provide employees with the safety and security for their Jobs.

According to me, the company’s decision hugely involves an ethical component.

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As described in the book, corporate social responsibility (CARS) is one of the very important essences of ethics. Corporate should perform and run in a way that improves society and its occupants and be held responsible for any of its activities that affects people, their community and their environment. It is organization’s moral accessibility to form a commitment to give back to the society and the stakeholders of the organization since they are fundamental reason company is running by and running for.

Any commercial organization makes profit out of the customers, community. Hence, it is their prime responsibility to do well and give back to the community in return. Ethics means the perception of morally right and wrong.

According to me, in this case, the moral responsibility and role of the leader of The General Manufactures would be generating options to keep the company running in Pleasantries. It is accountability of the head of the company to find out the solution that is both moral and profitable.

Recognizing problem, analyzing it, producing alternatives, taking actions and assessing results are the basic steps a leader of the company should take while encountering a problem. According to me, rather than moving company elsewhere, the leader should think about keeping company at Pleasantries, providing the town people Job opportunities while thinking about making profit for the many by increasing profit margins, lowering the cost of materials, generating more demand for the product, etc.

As far as the wages are concern, the company is already paying the newly hired employees much less money with fewer benefits than the old employees and it is also approved by the union.

So, now, it is company’s obligation to the employees and union to at least secure their Jobs. Corporate governance is the arrangement of rules, practices and procedures by Inch an organization is directed, guided and controlled.

According to me, corporate governance fundamentally contains balancing and harmonize the safeties and ¶nettles to the stats smolders in a company. As described in the scenario, union and employees both are agreed to work on a low wage, provided the security of the Job. It is important to take steps to save the company and keep it running at the current location to save the town from devastating.

Also, the company had many advantages from the town like tax breaks, construction of highway, etc. For providing the population with the employment.