Global Business Ethics Case Study

Sophie will reject Davit’s sexual harassment and inform that the bribery has never happened and David has no evidences on that. So Sophie will keep this money for ere own purpose as she really needs this money. Then she will go to Serge’s office to disclose the sexual harassment from David. The reason is that David had a grudge gallant near Tort a long time Ana wanted to slander sop Nile Decease David Tuna an excuse that she had bribery in the process of bidding. 4.

What decision would your group make and why?

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After David left Sophie’s office, if we were Sophie, we would probably do the following. Sophie went to Serge’s office, telling him what happened during her visit in Showroom and Mediumistic. She made deep investigations on these two companies ND has decided that Showroom will be the successful bidder of their reasonable price and good quality. Furthermore, Sophie received an envelope from Showroom’s CEO during the final meeting and was told that this is Just a personal small gift.

When Sophie returned to Paris, she found that this is an envelope with Euro 75,000 in cash and she immediately reported to David for this case and they decided to return back if Serge was also aligned with Sophie and Davit’s decision. Upon Serge’s agreement with their decision of returning back the money, Sophie went back to the office and made a phone call to the Showroom’s CEO, telling him that Carling decided to select them as the successful bidder because of their good price and quality instead of this personal gift, and also told the CEO that she found the envelop was with money Just when she returned back to Paris.

For the sake of Coo’s face, she did not refuse the gift at the final meeting. Sophie also informed that she must obey the company compliance policy and will return the money. After that, Sophie will go to Davit’s office, telling him that she will not accept any his sexual harassment and for those happened before, she will keep silence. The reason why Sophie did that decision is because of the ethical concept and corporate social responsibility.

If did as what mentioned above, for Sophie personally, the economy risk is low and the moral risk will be Zero. She has used some portion of money, she must return it back, so the economy risk is low; for the Carling Ltd, the company will gain the stable trust from the suppliers and also set up good reputation in the public.

If did not as what mentioned above, for Carling Ltd, the economy and moral risk will be high because of the bad reputation for the corruption and bribery issues.