Extreme Devotion

“I want you to be better than who I am” “You can be more than what you’re aiming for, I know you’re going to be someone in life ” ” I have high expectations for you and your expectations for yourself should be high as well” A bundle of phases that didn’t go in one ear and right out the other. Everywhere I turned there was someone who was getting ripped off because they didn’t know how to count change or a person so young who was illiterate and hadn’t had a clue how to read or write. These events fixed to my mind like “Krazy glue” These words and events were a gesture and they motivated me. They caused me to show an extreme dedication to my academic life , they made me want to be someone in life ,which brought this goal to me; to be successful ,(meaning finishing high school as valedictorian, attending Yale university on a full scholarship and get a degree in law.) A goal that I am intensely dedicated to.

I then began to devote most of my time to all academic areas to reach that goal. I started my journey to success. One way that I shows I am dedicated is being prepared all the time. This makes me dedicated to my goal because being prepared on a daily basis is essential to the development of my education. Preparation is essential to achieving my goal.

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“How,” you may ask? Well,the main way to be successful in life is getting an education . Wouldn’t your learning be delayed if you weren’t prepared not only with supplies needed for your learning but being prepared for anything or everything that might be thrown at you at any given moment ? I would never want to delay my learning, especially by being unprepared which may cause my grades to suffer, which for me isn’t an option if I am planning to achieve my goal. For Example , If I do not prepared for a test it can result in a lower grade ,which could bring down my entire average for that class, causing my whole grade point average to decrease. .It is all a matter of cause and effect.

. I am dedicated to being successful because I am prepared each and everyday. An additional way that i show my commitment to my education is by being willing. Being willing shows my devotion to reaching my goal because going the extra mile is a mile stones to reaching success. Being willing is also fundamental to achieving my goal.

I am willing to wake up at 5:30 every weekday to go to school, i am willing to study my notes from the previous day each night, I am also willing to ask and answer questions, I am willing to attend school everyday and finally I am willing to make an effort. These small things help in a tremendous way to get another step closer to my goal. I’m am additionally willing to do bigger things that put me another climb to reaching my goal ,such as ;being happy to stay after school to provided extra help for a student that needs it, which might receive me extra credit towards my grades. Also despite the fact it isn’t easy I am willing to change my friends if they might distract me or influence me in any kind of way. These moments are the main reasons for my grades and academic achievements . If i wasn’t willing instead of having “A”s and “B”s I would probably have “D”s and “F”s.

I am committed to achieving my goal of being successful because I am willing. A Final reason why i am designated to reach my goal of being successful is because i stay motivated. Motivation is the key to accomplishing goals because it is constantly reminding you of the importance of said goal. When I hear a racial comment determining the ability’s of an African American human , when I hear a stereotype about education and females ,or when I hear someone make a harsh generalization about my generation , and most of all when I see the statistics that proves what is being said all correct, a sense of motivation causes me to run, not walk to the finish line and be the one to differ. For example, when i feel like I’m done with trying and when i tired of trying so hard only to fail,like I should give up now and not continue , I then see some who is a perfect example of why what is being said is correct , i am motivated not to give up and not just sit on the road but continue to ride. This is the main reason that I am striving to accomplish this goal.

In fact this is the main reason why I even decided upon this goal. Motivation is what got me this far and what is going to lead the way for me to reach my pot of gold. The most important thing in life to me is to reaching my goal of be successful. I am on my way to being successful because I am always prepared. Preparation is essential to reaching my goal. Also I am always willing .

Wiliness ls another imperative step to reaching my goal. Finally I am motivated. Motivation is the key to accomplishing goals. There are many ways that show my dedication in fact i could even write a book solely about my devotion. Although I narrowed them down to the three main ways that show my dedication. I am dedicated to reaching this goal and NO ONE is getting in the way of that !