High School Dropouts

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” -John Dewey. More and more students each day are dropping out of high school simply because they have no motivation to work, their attendance is not the greatest and the classes they take are uninteresting and often considered “pointless to learn”. Students don’t realize how important it is to graduate high school, which is why there are so many dropouts in the world.

Motivate yourself or be miserable is what every student ages 16-18 should follow. Motivation is the key to success and without it; there is no hope for a triumphant future. Being incentive in school plays a big role in the real world. Not being motivated or encouraged in class can lead to students not wanting to do any work. “Teens at times drop out because their parents and teachers do not motivate them” (TEEN ADVICE). In order to have confidence in your work and grades, you have to have the right encouragement and motivation from your teachers, parents and friends.

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“Some teens want their teachers to show extra attention to them even if they are no doing so well academically and lack of this can make them believe that nobody cares making them quit school” (TEEN ADVICE). Everyone is smart in their own way but without any support or motivation from yourself or anyone around you, it may be hard to get through school life that. No motivation is one thing but it should not take over your entire high school career. In addition to the lack of motivation from you, your peers, and your teachers; students often miss too many days of school to make up the work. “Poor attendance is the start of a slippery slope toward dropping out of school” (Causes of High School Dropouts).

Attendance is very important especially when it comes to handing in assignments on time. Most students just go to school because it is the law but really it is mandatory to attend a certain amount of days and students just aren’t cooperating with this law. Not attending school every so often causes students to fall behind and eventually they aren’t able to make any of it up. Students have trouble in classes when they miss a lot of school because they aren’ t there enough to understand the subject being taught. “Teens who struggle in school are also absent a lot, and along with academic failure, absenteeism is an important future predictor for dropping out” (Why Kids Drop Out of School). Subsequently students regularly say that classes at school are very dry and absurd.

If the classes they took were more interesting than they would be more motivated to go to class and do good. Not having interest in anything that goes on in school is a major problem teenagers face every day. This is a big issue that prevents students from going to school. Why go to school id there’s nothing interesting going on right? Wrong, school is the most important thing in a teenagers life if they plan on becoming successful in the future. “Some students find that their classes are irrelevant to what they want to be in future and hence, uninteresting to them. On top of this, they spend time with other kids who are disinterested in studies as well in that they lack somebody to motivate them” (TEEN ADVICE).

Lack of interest is a major cause of high school drop outs in the world today. “One of the biggest reasons a teen will drop out of high school is because they simply lack interest in gaining and education” (Why Teens Drop Out of High School). The effect of all of these problems that teenagers face are dropping out of high school and ruining their chances of ever becoming anyone important in life. Not having the right help or encouragement through out high school is the major reason why students dropout. Teenagers face many problems and they often feel as though none of those problems matter so they do what they want, but in the end that screws them over because they are in a position they can’t change.

Once you dropout there is no going back. Everything you have ever worked hard for in your life is now wasted because of the fact that you were not determined throughout your high school career. Students need the right treatment from their teachers and classmates in order to maintain a good school year. “High school students generally dropout because of abuse, poverty, emotional issues, cognitive deficiencies and lack of support” (Social Science Medley). Not having the correct ways of doing things will cause a student to give up and have no hope of finishing school successfully.

No motivation, poor attendance and uninteresting classes are definitely the causes of teenage dropouts. In conclusion, a student is less likely to be successful in life if he/she drops out of high school. The main causes of dropouts are no motivation to work, poor attendance and boring classes. If students were more focused on their careers, they would be less likely to dropout because they would know that they would not go anywhere without finishing high school.