My First Day of High School

I’ve dreaded this day ever since I was a young child. My first day of high school.

I’m sure that you remember yours. Just hopefully you remember it as a good day, unlike me. Growing up I always thought high school would be like the movie High School Musical, but as I got older I obviously knew it would be nothing like that. I was always terrified of going to highschool. My sister was in highschool when I was younger, so she always thought it was funny to make crazy lies to scare me even more. I always thought that the teachers would be super cruel and not care about anything.

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I was most definitely terrified of the seniors. They were like monsters to me. Also, I was afraid that passing periods were going to be too short and I would be late to every class, and that lockers would be awful and stressful having so many people around you. I believed all of this until after my first day. When I woke for my first day, I felt super sick to my stomach.

I wanted to cry. I was actually a freshman in high school, the scariest thing ever. I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I layed there and thought of every worst possible situation which clearly got me nowhere. I finally pulled myself together and got ready. When I got there, I was scared out of my mind.

I walked in the doors with my two of my friends and was immediately ready to go home. There was so many people. As we all walked to a table to sit down, it felt like everyone was staring at me. Finally the bell rang and we went along with our day. By the middle of the day, I was still nervous and kind of confused. I knew there was definitely a whole lot to get used to.

At last, I was home. That was the most revealing part of my day. Getting the first day out of the way felt really good, I just really didn’t want to go back. I hated being a freshman. The number one thing I did not want to happen, is for something to go wrong.

But of course, multiple things did. When I got to school, I realized that I got deodorant all down the side of my shirt. It was super noticeable and I had no time to get it out. Then to top that off, my necklace broke. To make it even better, the school gave me the wrong printed copy of my schedule. Apparently they changed the schedules the day before school started and you were supposed to pick up a new copy in the office, but I didn’t know that.

So in my 1st hour the teacher was doing attendance and didn’t call off my name. She told me I wasn’t in that class, but to just stay here anyways because it was on my printed schedule. As the day went on, all of my other classes were right until I got to foods. The teacher then told me I was supposed to be in Spanish, which was my first hour that I already had. So she sent me there and everyone was staring at me, which was super embarrassing.

The bell rang two minutes later for them to go to lunch, but I already had eaten lunch. My teacher made me go to lunch again, and I didn’t have any friends in that lunch so I had to sit alone. I didn’t have any food either because I had already eaten my lunch an hour before. I looked like a lonely, sad freshman girl. Besides all of the chaotic me problems, I was totally surprised about high school.

It wasn’t as bad and scary as I thought it was. It was definitely still scary, just not as bad. The upperclassman weren’t cruel monsters like I thought they would be. They actually helped you find a classroom if you looked lost. Some of them even smiled and said “Hi.” The teachers are way more lenient than middle school teachers.

I loved that some teachers even allow you to use your cellphone in their classroom. Having one more minute in the passing period makes such a difference. I don’t have to feel rushed all of the time. Being in highschool for even one day, I could tell how much more freedom I have. In middle school, there were so many rules and the teachers would nag at you every two seconds.

In high school, the teachers respect you as a young adult. They assume that you’re mature enough to handle the freedom and I like that. I said that high school was the worst day of my life, but I was over exaggerating. It’s only as bad as you make it. But it definitely wasn’t the best experience.

Coming in with a negative attitude sure didn’t help me on the first day. So for any freshman coming in, if you’re positive then you’ll be fine.