Reasons High Schoolers Drop Out

There are 8,300 students who drop out of high school each day. Nobody really knows why so many students drop out. One of the biggest reasons students drop out is lack of motivation. Also nobody really knows how to keep students from dropping out. Some reasons are lack of motivation, teen pregnancy and drugs and crime.

Some people think lack of motivation just comes from teachers thinking style of students either got it or don’t attitude but also comes from within students. Lack of motivation is also students deciding whether or not they want to graduate high school and get a high paying job. Students that lack motivation will fall behind and drop out because it would take too much effort to graduate. Teen pregnancy is a reason why some females drop out of high school. Teen parents struggle to take care of their child, go to school, keep a job, and have social life. They just cut out going to school because cutting friends out would make them bored at home.

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Since they already had a job they have no motivation to get a higher education. Drug use tends to cause students who feel they aren’t smart enough for school to drop out and commit to a life of crime. It could be kids also be who excel and find school too easy and have no extracurricular actives who turn to drugs then eventually dropping out because they fall behind. Studies have shown that teens that use drugs are more likely to fall behind and drop out than those who don’t. A total of 3,030,000 students drop out of high school each year.

There are many of different reasons for students dropping out. Some are lack of motivation, teen pregnancy, and drugs.