Reasons to Believe

I think aliens are real. I’m not thinking of the green aliens you see on a TV show or a movie. Here are my reasons why. This one bacteria can mix with another chemical and it might be able to create life and survive on another planet.

This is called Phosphorus.The chemical that it needs to mix with is called Arsenic.Theres been bacteria that’s been found on Mars that’s considered an alien Finally, there are Kepler planet that has a good chance to have intelligent life on it.New scientist has found intelligent bacteria on Mars that could be considered as a alien. In the article Scientist Found Life on Other Planets Meera Dolasia said that scientist found new leads and new research that might of found new bacteria that’s considered intelligent alien life.The new bacteria has all of the materials to live.

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This is called GFAJ-1 also apart of the halo monadacene family, which means it’s a rare chemical only found in our atmosphere. Scientists have found a very small life form called Tardigrades that can survive all conditions no matter how harsh the weather or the surroundings are. From the article Unmasking The Face On Mars, NASA said they found Phosphorus in Mono lake in California and they said that it can mix with another chemical and possibly make it so it can survive in any sort of condition.Phosphorus has the main materials for life.New research shows that there are over 100,000 planets that could have life on them that they haven’t researched. Such as the Kepler planets there are over 100 of them and we think 75 out of the 100 have life on them.

The article Six Frontiers Of a Alien, scientist that have been studying all the Kepler planets say that 50 percent of the Kepler planets could have life on them. Then we got the planets outside the Milky Way to. Think of how many planets there are and think of how much that could have life.Those are my reasons that I think there’s intelligent life on other planets. I hope you liked the reasons I had for, the evidence of intelligent life on other planets and now think there are other life forms in our solar system