Norma: Reasons For Sonia's Vow

The story “Norma” is written by Sonia Sanchez, who describes in the story how she used to look up to another girl in her school named Norma. Norma was intelligent, attractive, and had everything that made a person perfect.She helped Sonia in her studies. She was really good in French, but once she disrespected the teacher, and as a result, she did not speak in that class again. But after that, Sonia got busy with her studies and never had time to think about Norma.

As they grew up, the school got news that Norma had started doing drugs, and was pregnant while she was still in high school. She got kicked out of school, and was notseen for a long time. Then after a few years, Sonia and Norma met again, and agreed to get together often. After leaving, Sonia vowed to herself to never agree to agree again, as she did not accept Norma as her role model anymore. To begin with, Norma was a really good student. She was smart, intelligent, and attractive.

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She seemed flawless. She had all the qualities of a perfect person. Like most people, Sonia used to think of Norma as her role model. She used to follow her in every which way. She used to think that Norma had all that anyone could want in their life. Sonia considered Norma’s opinion better than everybody else’s.

She used to think that a person like Norma could never make a mistake. Secondly, Sonia always wanted Norma to succeed, and had always been sure about Norma succeeding. She had made her goal to always follow Norma. It was her dream to become like Norma, and tried her best to follow in Norma’s footsteps. Sonia had always been fascinated and impressed by Norma, who was even better than the teachers at school. She took almost no time to solve a problem that was difficult for the teachers themselves.

Anybody could get enchanted by her swift ways. Norma was definitely better than any other person. However, after some time, Norma began to change. Sonia became more and more doubtful of Norma being as perfect as Sonia thought she was. She did not know if Norma’s actions would lead to success. When Sonia saw how Norma had ruined her own life, she got sad, and when once they met, Sonia started crying about how her role model had failed.

It was really sad for her to see the person she had believed would succeed in all those years, failing in her life. She did not want to be disappointed anymore, as she had already gone through enough shock from meeting Norma. Due to this she decided to never agree again. Lastly, the story describes that Sonia made it a major goal in her life to follow Norma. Sonia never expected Norma to change into the person she had become now.

She expected her to become a great person, ahead of many people, and having a great time in her life. She expected her to be a very successful person, and way better than herself. But when Sonia met Norma, she got the complete opposite of what she had expected. Norma was even worse than Sonia herself. Nobody could have guessed that Norma used to be the smartest person in school when she was young.

Sonia found it hard to believe that she was the same person who used to be her role model. She started to think of Norma in a completely different way.Sonia was extremely disappointed and then made an important decision in her life to never agree again.