A Good Man is Hard to Find Summary

Have you ever talked about someone who you then found out was right behind you? Well that is kind of what happens in A Good Man is Hard to find, but the instead the person they were talking about ends up killing them A Good Man is Hard to Find is a story about a family that goes on a trip. During the ride, the grandmother was being extremely rude and unbearable. The family then stopped to get food at a restaurant, and the grandmother started talking to someone about “the Misfit” getting out of jail. During which, she was being extremely rude.

The grandmother did not know that she was not in Tennessee, and was nagging about going to see an old house from her past. Soon after, she figured out that they were actually in Georgia but did not say anything to her family to result in them getting lost. While trying to find their way, the family was stopped by three men; the men then took each member or two of the family at a time, into the forest and shot them. The grandmother pleaded for the three men not to kill her and her family. During this, she found out that her killer was actually “the Misfit”, who she had been badmouthing earlier.

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She was shocked by her new found information, and then killed while praying.People can learn that you should not talk about others as if you are better then them. The part of the story that supports my idea is when the family stops to eat and the grandmother is talking to Red Sam and his wife. They all were talking about the Misfit, how it is a shame that he was a bad man, and that it to really hard to find a good man. Teens can learn that you never talk about others.

I think that teens would learn this is because many teens deal with petty drama. Then as a result, teens fight back with more drama. Teens need to understand that by talking about people, it makes the problem even bigger. The people that may be interested in this story are people that like to read about family drama. This story has a great deal of family drama with the grandmother acting like she knows everything. Also people that are interested in murder and twists at the end of stories would enjoy A Good Man is Hard to Find, because there is murder that no one sees coming.