A Jungle within Civilization

What is high school for a teenager? Is it really what the media portrays? A place where everyone is friendly and at random times, everyone comes together to sing a song just like in High School Musical. Or is more then that? Society has this image where high school is a safe place for teens. But, society is full of grown adults! Why? Because adults have all the control. So in the end, society does not include the opinion of teenagers.

So while the adults are out working thinking that their little son or daughter is safe and doing fine, they may and most likely are wrong. High school is more then just another building. Once you enter those doors, you are entering into a whole different world, where everything changes. And in the process, you change as well. The sad part? The change you make is almost never a good one. Every parent thinks that their kid is perfect in everyway.

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They have good grades, perfect manners, and they never make a bad choice. That’s because they haven’t been introduced into the savage life of a high school teenager. It’s been a while since any adult in my time has gone through the experience of high school. They don’t understand that like everything else, a high school atmosphere can evolve. For better or worse.

So what they may think about high school from their experience is totally different from what it is now. Everything has changed. We upgraded from plain paper and pen to a computer. We have gone from passing notes in class to texting in class. No more walking to school or riding your bike. Just drive your car.

And these are just MINOR changes that have happened. There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of changes that have happened. That’s the one thing the average parent does not realize. Because they are not there to see and experience everything that we must go through. American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie ; Fitch and Aeropostale.

Those are the top brands that every high schooler knows of. Why? Because they must, at all times, be wearing something to represent that brand. Clothes are clothes in my opinion. Doesn’t matter where they are from. In the end, they just cover us up.

That’s all they do. So why should the brand matter? They shouldn’t but they do and the reason is because wearing the brand name clothes means you have a chance to be a somebody and not the kid that no one talks to. No one wants that so they spend outrageous amounts of money on these clothes. There’s a saying that goes,” Clothes make the man” and in high school this is true to the point. Clothes do make the man. Depending on what you WEAR is how people will judge you by.

Seems pretty low right? But it’s sadly true. You could be the nicest person in the world and it wouldn’t matter. Clothes are what make the fine line between being a somebody and being a nobody. The clothes we wear is just a minor stress issue that high school teen must survive through. The key word in that sentence is minor. Why? Because aside from having the clothes, you must have the attitude to go along with it.

What attitude is that? The kind that some people may find funny while others may find hurtful. Nee some clarification? Let me throw an example at you. Imagine a 14 year old boy. New to high school and scared to death. Now imagine a 17 year old teenager. Captain of the football team.

Gets all the girls. Parents have more money then words can explain. Now, in order for the 17 year old to stay “cool” in the eyes of others, he must pick on the 14 year old boy. For the next three months, there is constant bullying. The boy new to high school is in hell right now.

The football captain is enjoying life. That’s what high school is. Take it from someone who is currently enrolled in high school. I see this everyday. And the sad part is that no one does anything! What is wrong with our generation? They can withstand to see a boy or girl get picked on but they don’t have the courage to do anything about it. Our generation has become insensitive.

Why? Because we have been brainwashed by violent video games, trashy movies, and commercials filled with lie and betrayal. Today’s society makes us think that in order to succeed in life, we must be cruel and cold. In order to get ahead, we must put down the next guy even if it means mentally hurting them and in some cases physically. Now, is that a perfect society? No. What happen to being nice? What happen to doing a good deed just because you felt like that? That life is gone. Nowadays, if you want someone to do a good deed, you have to reward them.

What does that prove? How cold and greedy our generation is. As part of today’s generation, it makes sick to see that. I’m not the only one though. There are thousands of teens who think the same thing. But we stay quiet. We remain in the shadows so we don’t end up like the 14 year old boy.

Getting picked on for speaking out. Now you have a basic view on what high school is like. It isn’t what you think. A perfect society where we all get along and we are all safe. It’s exactly the opposite of that.

It’s a jungle. And we are all prey just surviving the everyday life. We are surviving many different predators. Teachers, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, parents and bullies. Nest time you ask your son or daughter how their day was, you will understand why they come home stressed out or depressed.