A Letter to a Hero to-be

My name is Caitlin and I’m a senior in high school.

I am writing to express my disappointment in the lack of militancy within the Libertarian party in the recent campaign. I understand that you are merely a main figure in this game, but this opportunity only comes around every so often. From my experience, the majority of voters who voted for Barack Obama voted because they were extremely opposed to Mitt Romney taking office and vise versa. Such a population is not only vulnerable to, but desperate for a more sensible option. Psychologically, our instincts generally cause us to lean Libertarian, even if our political actions don’t reflect it.

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Our country is too large for an ever-strengthening central government. It is in the best interest of the American people to have a loud Libertarian party. I understand the obstacle our present two-party system poses in becoming a major force in the system but that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. A third party has never won an election in all of America’s history, but some have come close enough to make a huge impact, changing the course of history as we know it. Most people who vote Republican do it because they think it stands for what in reality lies within the Libertarian party. The majority of the voting population doesn’t even associate the title ‘Libertarian’ with politics.

I have heard many complaints from fellow students regarding the paucity of more public debates among other parties. A teacher regarded in class the other day that the money that each party put into propaganda was enough to pay a large amount of what our taxes go to. If the public was aware of the money you could save them, it would certainly get their attention. Perhaps the best strategy is to listen to the major complaint of either party and use that to split the vote for both parties. Whatever happens, psychology is our strongest tool.

We need to use it. The future of America needs you, but we can’t wait for the people to find you, you have to put yourselves out there. I am just a high school kid. In my school, we’re not even trusted to go to the bathroom, but you can make a difference. Thank you for your time and attention.