An Ideal Example of the Absurd Hero-Meursault

In the story “The Stranger” written by Albert Camus he tries to build up Meursault as a hero in order to support the inspiration of becoming different from the ordinary general public. Meursault seems to be extremely troubled in nature to an extent that she is not capable to recognize people and even his environment. (Showalter, 54) His weird approach towards people makes him to end up in being categorized as a stranger in the general public. We can not take Meursault as a conventional hero although to a certain extent we can take him to be ridiculous.

(Zebrowski, 22)How the main character Meursault is a ridiculous hero:His attitude about craziness in life and the preferences he creates all the way through the story and the insight he creates at the end support the notion of Meursault being a ridiculous hero. (Showalter, 78) Consequently Meursault can be taken as a ridiculous hero by characterizing him with the way he displays his rebellion. He believes that he is predestined to have a short time to live in a difficult world rather than combating in opposition to it and this has made him to submit himself to the truth. (Zebrowski, 45) Secondly he also displays some kind of liberty from the way man is completely liberated to think and act as he desires. Lastly he also displays some obsession though this does not refer to the obsession affection.

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He only has that desire to knowledge substantial enjoyment to a great deal. (Zebrowski, 65)How these depictions relates to the ridiculous theory of existence: To some extent however we can’t illustrate Meursault as a hero, for the reason that he does nothing to show his heroic to the general public. But on the other hand it is just to call him a hero due to the ridiculousness of his life. (Zebrowski, 78) He put up an attitude in relation to the insignificance of life. From this we can say that he is the only one who instituted his lifestyle of unreceptive negativity hence he can reside as a ridiculous hero. (Showalter, 93) Subsequently after acknowledging his destiny, Meursault at the end gets in harmony with himself and the rest of the human race.

He now believes that all that linger is nothing but the trust that he had when he was finishing and there was need to have massive audience who are supposed to acknowledge him with holler. Instead of escaping from the general public and having emotions beleaguered behind him, he at last liberated from it completely hence making him to be capable of reveling in its liveliness at the end and yet it articulated disapproval for him. (Zebrowski, 123) For one to comprehend on Meursault’s revolution one needs first to know the temperament of his character as it is revealed by Camus. The story commences with a brief statement and by his mother’s passing away, it momentarily hangs up the enjoyable course of Meursault’s life. To some extent he seems to have some affection towards a crunchy towel but he enjoys drinking, smoking cigarettes and eating apart from watching the sky and the sea which he loves most. Going for swimming and creating some affection to attractive girls are some of his desired amusements that he likes most.

Incase he encounters with something that is not interesting to him or anything that can anguish him he just walks off and takes a nap. In my conclusion, what I can say is that from the writers perception towards the hero’s expedition it is not something that is so essential that can make somebody to end up doing excellent things. It is the central character and in this case the storyteller who undergoes some kind transform in life above the course of his design.